Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Labour Stasi Hoover Up Data On Five Year Olds

UK.gov hoovers up data on five-year-olds • The Register

Linconshire seems to have chosen as the guinea pig for another state surveillance scheme, this time of five-year olds.
The government obsession with collecting data has now extended to five-year-olds, as local Community Health Services get ready to arm-twist parents into revealing the most intimate details of their own and their child’s personal, behavioural and eating habits.

The questionnaire – or "School Entry Wellbeing Review" – is a four-page tick-box opus, at present being piloted in Lincolnshire, requiring parents to supply over 100 different data points about their own and their offspring’s health. Previously, parents received a "Health Record" on the birth of a child, which contained around eight questions which needed to be answered when that child started school.

The Review asks parents to indicate whether their child "often lies or cheats": whether they steal or bully; and how often they eat red meat, takeaway meals or fizzy drinks.

However, the interrogation is not limited to intimate details of a child’s health. Parents responding to the survey are asked to provide details about their health and their partner’s health, whether they or their partner are in paid employment, and even to own up to whether or not their child is upset when they (the parent) returns to a room.
As if ContactPoint and all the other databases aren't enough.

If you're a parent of a five-year old I think your reply to this kind of interference and bullying should be robust, to put it mildly.

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