Thursday, 5 November 2009

It Takes Three Thick Guardian Journos To Get It Wrong

Cameron promises bruising battle with EU as Czechs sign Lisbon treaty | World news | The Guardian
Arguments over the new rule book have consumed the EU elites for so long that the Lisbon treaty is certain to be the last such big reform of the way the union works for a long time. It is aimed at streamlining EU decision-taking, through a new system of voting that enhances Germany's muscle as the EU's biggest country and the abolition of national vetoes in many policy areas.
No, it isn't, you useless hacks.

And the EU doesn't need another treaty because this one gives them all the powers they need to do anything they want.

The article bears not one but three names: Ian Traynor, Nicholas Watt and Patrick Wintour. And they still get it wrong.

To paraphrase what old computer geeks would say: RTFT - Read The Fucking Treaty.

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