Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mandelson Plans More Shit For Universities

University drop-out rates and graduate earnings to be tagged
University courses are to be tagged with their drop-out rates, graduates' future earnings and the number of contact hours students can expect with tutors. The move, which will be modelled on a food-labelling system, is part of a consumer revolution in higher education to be unveiled this week by Lord Mandelson, the universities secretary.

Students should be treated more as paying customers and given better information about the quality of their courses before they embark on a degree, the new government framework for universities is expected to say on Tuesday.
Yes! Just what we need! More fucking bureaucracy and fake statistics! More PR! More shit! Less learning! It's 1968 all over again, this time without the barricades! Students decide what they want to learn! Yeah! And if they don't get the grades they want they can blame their tutors!

Still, Mandelson's making 15 Year Plans when his government will be out on their arse within a year.

Trouble is, the Tories won't be any bloody better.

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