Thursday, 5 November 2009

Tais-Toi, Lellouche, Vous Etes Un Con

French Europe minister Pierre Lellouche labels David Cameron's EU plans 'autistic' - Telegraph
Mr Lellouche said he was reflecting Nicolas Sarkozy's "sadness and regret" at David Cameron's recently-announced plan to strengthen British sovereignity, warning it would "castrate" the country's position within the EU.

His outburst reflects the growing sense of frustration with Britain's reluctance to fully engage with the union, and is all the more potent because it comes from a keen Anglophile.
The UK has no real 'influence' in the EU, never had and never will. The Franco-German axis decide everything and they don't want the Brits taking an active part (see earlier post concerning D'Estaing's comments in Le Figaro).

Interesting also to note that Lellouche and his colleagues are so against national sovereignty, isn't it? I bet none of our highly-educated media kids don't bother to think about that.

Cameron may have been spitted by this mularkey but Lellouche's frothing rhetoric reveals the delusions that sustain all the EU elite:
"It is a time of tumultuous waters all around us. Wars, terrorism, proliferation, Afghanistan, energy with Russia, massive immigration, economic crisis," he said. "It is time when the destiny of Europe is being defined – whether or not we will exist as a third of the world's GDP capable of fighting it out on climate, on trade, on every Goddamn issue on the surface of the Earth.

"We need to be united, otherwise we will be wiped out and marginalised. None of us can do it alone. Whether you're big or small, the lesson is the same. And England's risk is one of marginalisation. Irrelevance."
This is the kind of shit the media reproduce like those little toadies who follow a bully around in the playground, going up to the victims and poking them again.

An apposite quote from John Redwood:
Many people writing to this site do not think Mr Hague has gone far enough in his proposals to wrestle some power back from the EU. Meanwhile a French Minister has resorted to unpleasant language to attack the Conservative position. Expect more of this in the days ahead, as Labour’s friends on the continent are primed to condemn the UK Opposition, and as Eurofederalists on the continent join in a chorus of disapproval of the Conservatives and their anti federal allies.
And a question to anyone, particular you tossers in the media: when was the last time you remember a British minister publicly castigating a member of France's opposition party?

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