Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Rectal Johnson ID Card Suggestion

The new Home secretary, Alan Johnson, has said the government will not make ID cards 'compulsory' and that the money saved in scrapping the whole system would be peanuts. In other words, the whole thing is still on.

Just because something is not 'compulsory' doesn't mean you don't have to have one. Further comment from Henry Porter.

Johnson is just another fucking Labour scumbag admired by the cretinocracy because of his working class credentials, as if somehow this prevents him from being a disgrace to humanity like Prescott.

He can shove his ID cards up his proletarian arse.

Spawn Re-Launch #101 Kaput

The monocular commissar's latest personal relaunch gets off to a typically bad start: Brown takes cash from schools, roads and health to pay for 30,000 homes. All that cash and nobody seems to know where it's going to come from.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Those Bad Racist Morris Men

It's on the BBC website, so it must be true: School bans black-face Morris men.
Head teacher of Chantry Primary, Hazel King, said it apologised for any inconvenience caused to the Morris Men.

"We organised the event to bring a diverse and fragile community together," she said.

"To celebrate all cultures we booked a Morris troupe, having failed to recognise the possible significance for our community of their tradition to perform with blackened faces.

"We found ourselves in a difficult position of weighing up any potential offence versus not wishing to compromise the Morris dancers' tradition."
Diverse and fragile. Oh dear.

Those Bad Posh People

The truth proves too difficult for Polly Toynbee (not for the first time) when it comes to anti-political bile:
Most depressing for councils, satisfaction mostly depends on something they cannot change – the population: happiest places have most graduates, fewest children, least ethnic diversity, least population churn, most private housing. Badly run areas (like Surrey) that are posh places will always score higher satisfaction than good councils (like Blackburn) with four-star ratings and a miserable populace. Where is the political justice in that?
Reminds me of that poem by Bertolt Brecht, 'The Solution':
After the uprising of the 17th June
The Secretary of the Writers Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

New Labour's Rotten State

If we need to get a perspective on New Labour's 12 years of corruption and criminality then look here at part 1; and here for part 2. Courtesy of Hagley Road.

Add into that the increasing number of quangos, databases and CCTV cameras, the interference of the state in more and more aspects of our lives, the attrition of our liberties, and the subservience to the EU (entailing, among other things, the start of the dismantling of the United Kingdom as a single political entity and the privatisation of the Royal Mail).

It is not looking good.

In fact it's looking really bad.

The Breaking of Nations - All for EU

Intended to post this yesterday, but procrastination is the soul of something or other...

Catalonia and the move to independence..

Belgium and the move to split.

Both encouraged by the EU in its drive to destroy nation states and reduce us all to provinces in its great superstate-cum-empire. As also picked up by Calling England.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Despotic Tyranny Ruined My Life

A-Level exam too difficult:
A-LEVEL history students are campaigning to alter their examination marks after they failed to understand a question.

They say the phraseology in an exam paper describing Hitler as “a despotic tyrant” confused them and meant they did not know how to answer.
Some pupils have set up a Facebook Group, which makes for interesting reading. There's also a thread on the same subject at the Student Room site.

What I cannot understand is how pupils could have reached A Level in history without having come across despots and tyrants. What have their teachers been talking about? Have these pupils done no secondary reading? Used dictionaries?

Cuts! Cuts! Investment! Brown! Lies! Roma!

Liar Brown; when cuts are paraded as increases. And not just Brown:
Among some ministers, however, a cynical view persists that the truth or falsehood of the party’s position on public spending is irrelevant. All that counts is that the simple idea that the Tories are “cutters” is communicated to their core working-class vote.

“We don’t care if the commentators or the economists turn against us,” said one minister. “This is all about shoring up the base in the northern heart-lands, which we lost in the European elections. We don’t want or need them to understand the nuance of the argument. We just want them to hate the Tories again.”
Meanwhile Britannia shrivels under Gordon Brown.

Returning to the Roma issue, there's an article in the Guardian, Unhappy return: fear and loathing await fugitives from Belfast racism. Mention is made of the European Roma Rights Centre.

Gypsies, Roma, call them what you will, suffer discrimination and violence in many parts of continental Europe. What we have to question is the policy of the EU (and it is the EU driving all this) which allows groups of them to be dumped in countries where the aggression they arouse is less vehement, eg the UK. Or was, until recently.

Why should someone else's problem become ours? Because that is exactly what happened in Belfast. And all it's achieved is the stirring up of the very racism these policies are supposed to destroy.

This is another example of simplistic thinking by EU policy makers and their associates. They come up with a one size fits all approach, disregarding national and regional loyalties and self-identity and then encourage various authorities (through funding and campaigns) to enact their naive ideas. With the inevitable results - total failure.

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Cultured Cops And New Labour Rot

Cultured coppers promote poetry.

Rancid Milburn to stand down at next election. Good bloody riddance.

Labour ready to abandon Tony Blair's public service targets (and Gordon Brown's as well). After 12 years they realise it's been a fuck-up and still think they should be re-elected! The stench of desperation is in the air. Matthew Taylor, arch-New-Labourite, pursues the party line justification that it's time for change because the strategy has basically worked: "if a policy succeeds, the problem it was designed to address has, by definition, diminished."

The rot that set in as New Labour took root (Philip Johnston):
Combined with a predisposition to micro-manage individual behaviour and ride roughshod over ancient liberties, it is hardly surprising that democracy and freedom are once again subjects to be tackled by political writers. It is a debate we have had before and presumed settled; but we reckoned without the damage it was possible to cause in just a dozen years.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Will Cameron End Big Brother State?

Cameron has pledged to end Labour's Big Brother state.

Just how much this is playing for a few votes remains to be seen, but it's significant that a major politician is actually talking about it. Up till the last year there has been a total silence. The media, have, as usual, been criminally neglectful of the attacks on our freedom.

I look forward to seeing Dave dismantle this legislation. I shall volunteer my services as a Molotov Cocktail filler if he backtracks.

Wacko Jacko 1, Irate Iran 0

Iran seems to have dropped off the BBC's news radar, being replaced last night by the far more pressing concern about the pitifully insignificant expenses of the BBC hierachy. Tonight they devoted more than fifteen minutes to the death of Michael Jackson.

For once it was a relief when the regional news programme came on - thank God they couldn't find a local connection to Wacko.

Labour Continue Dismantling of Parliament and UK

Government defeat on committees. Another piece of the EU jigsaw New Labour are desperate to slot in place without anyone realising it, this time the regionalisation of the UK, with the eventual destruction of county and district councils. MPs were not given time to debate this; they were simply told to vote.

Regional Grand Committees. More on them here.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The EU Stitch-Up

Peter Hitchens on where the EU gets its power from. And the consequences for the UK, ie not good.

Database Cretins

The Database State. Deserves repeating till people understand. HT NHS.

Sad when our main hope is that Cameron delivers on his pledge of 'right to data'.

Our Lives In The Hands of Cretins

New expenses legislation a stitch-up, according to Guido.

The Magistrate is not impressed, either.

Conviction of travelling family reduces crime rate in a county to 20-year low.

Jewish school admissions unlawful. Jesus, Mary and Jacob!

Ministry of Defence blocks Wikileaks. The Digital Wars have begun.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Horticultural Harassment

Police investigate 'eco-terrorism' campaign to save council flower beds:
Mrs Higgins said: "This is harassment and a violation of my human rights – we live in a democracy and if people want to complain they can do it through the proper channels. The plans was voted through unopposed by cabinet."
Retired florist threatened with court for planting flowers in car park: you can't plant those there!

Fat Irish Oaf Admits He Can Read

Brian Cowen,The Cowardly Taoiseach, is a disgrace to the Irish people. The Irish voted no in the referendum on the Lisbon Constitution, but Cowen followed the EU's bullyboy lead in demanding a second vote (to get it right, this time). However, he's admitted that he has only just read the bloody Treaty. Fucking oaf.

And by the way, Brian, those 'guarantees' the EU has promised you are worth sod all. No change to the Treaty, no guarantees, full stop.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mandelshit's Global Grasp

We Need Greater Global Governance, says Lord Yacht of Mandleboy:
No government in the global economy, and certainly not economies on the scale of the U.S., China, Japan and the European Union, can claim a prerogative over domestic action that entirely ignores the systemic affects of its policies. The only way forward is a totally renovated approach to international coordination of economic policy.
No prerogative over domestic action, eh? I wonder if he's thinking of himself as one of those involved in the coordination of global policy?

All Hail The Euro Army

A European Army? Oh yes, it's on its way. HT Independence Home.

You can read about it in the Lisbon Treaty under 'The Common Security and Defence Policy'. 'Common' here being understood as 'in the interests of Germany and France'.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Gypsy Twittering Poll Overload

Twitterers claim victory over loaded Mail Poll.

This follows an article by Richard Littlejohn, 'Fast-tracking the Tarmacing community on the NHS', which criticises the new regulations on making sure travellers and gypsies get access to proper healthcare (see my earlier post). The paper ran a poll asking the public “Should the NHS allow gipsies to jump the queue?” A campaign by Twitterers overloaded the Mail's system with 'yes' votes.

I wonder how many of them are gypsies or travellers?

I Will Not Eat My Horse

I promise not to eat my horse. On pain of a fine. The EU, of course. As presented by their apparatchiks in DEFRA.

And chipping foals, too - could it be a dry run for humans?

Mandelson destroying Labour for the sake of the EU?

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Useless A.R.S.E.H.O.L.E.S.

Kirklees Council ban bees from their allotments. Because they class them as 'livestock'. Tossers. And fascists.

Glenys the Kinnock. Useless.

Eurosceptics are useless, as well, according to Peter Hitchens. Two horrible prospects: the triumph of the EU and Blair becoming its first president:
It is bad enough that the ghastly Blair creature might rise from the political tomb, hands clasped in pious prayer, upper lip trembling with fake emotion, pockets crammed with money from the lecture circuit, drivel streaming from his mouth. That would perhaps be the only thing that might make the nation warm to Gordon Brown again.

But far worse is the awful truth, which so many have hidden from themselves, that Britain will from that moment cease to be an independent nation in any important way.

The EU will take on a ‘legal personality’ of its own, become a nation in its own right, one in which we are a subject province for the first time in more than a thousand years, less independent than Texas is of Washington DC.
Anna Mihailova doesn't like it up her. Outing bloggers is OK but being identified as an outer isn't. Arsehole. Duly noted by OH.

Fascists In, Doctors and Foreigners Out

Guthrum smuggles in Somalis and no bugger cares.

Follow the Doctors: if only I could.

Ulster fascists drive out Romanians. A follow-up in the Observer to the attacks on Romanians in South Belfast. Not just Romanians but Roma Romanians, just to add to the aggravation. It seems that this is not the first group of foreigners to be dumped in this unwelcoming place; Chinese, Poles and Slovaks have preceded them, all with the same response.

Now you have to ask yourself why a local authority would do this time after time? I'm just guessing here, but could it be something to do with EU structural/regional funds or something of that sort?

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Education and Speeling The New Labout Way

Education, education, education...New Labour continues its relentless drive to eradicate education from schools as well as from the titles of its own ministries:

- Schools advised to abandon the 'i' before 'e' rule; the Department for Children, Families and Schools issues a 123-page document, Support For Spelling.

- Out of the nursery, into the rat race: the growth of private tutoring under New Labour. Labour is good for something then - private enterprise.

- Balls grabs more powers for himself in a new 'Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning' bill. That's his way of 'devolving responsibility locally'.

And Gordon Brown in the Guardian supplement:
And he really believes that the age we're living in is a progressive one. He cites a bit of evidence for this: for the first time, he says, teaching is the most popular occupation for people leaving university. "It's a great profession. I could move to teaching ... " He beams, as if to say, You see! There's always something else I can do!
Not a good idea.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Gordon Brown Surrenders To Brussels (Again)

Gordon Brown hands over the British banking and financial system to Brussels.

I may not know much about the financial system but one thing I know for certain: anything involving Gordon Brown is a disaster and anything involving the EU is a disaster. Double disaster.

Gordon Brown, a man who truly loves his country.

Trouble On Oily waters

Oil refinery strike spreads.

Straw Passes Probation Buck

Jack Straw: total shit.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Craig Murray Does Not Exist

There are different ways of disappearing a persona non grata.

Racism, It's The Coming Thing, Care Of The EU

More of this from the EU and you start to see why racism is going to increase in the UK over the coming years.

Want to see a GP? Gipsies come first as NHS tells doctors that travellers must be seen at once. Read the official document via the link here.

It's interesting to see the document talking about how gipsies and travellers have traditionally had problems of 'access' to health care. If they moved around all the time I can see how some problems would arrive, but that's not the main cause. Perhaps it's more to do this this:
Travellers’ health beliefs and attitudes to health services demonstrate a cultural pride in self-reliance. There is stoicism and tolerance of chronic ill health, with a deep-rooted fear of cancer or other diagnoses perceived as terminal and hence avoidance of screening. Some fatalistic and nihilistic attitudes to illness were expressed; that is, illness was often seen as inevitable and medical treatment seen as unlikely to make a difference. There is more trust in family carers rather than in professional care.
I'm sure most non-travelling type people will have the same reaction to this as me: with attitudes like these then it's not surprising their general standards of health are so low - but it's their bloody fault. That's not an acceptable view, of course, for the EU/New Labour mindset, since we're talking victimhood here.

The next thing to chuck in is the favourite bogie, racial prejudice:
In relation to Gypsy Travellers’ experiences in accessing health care and the cultural appropriateness of services provided, we found widespread communication difficulties between health workers and Gypsies and Travellers, with defensive expectation of racism and prejudice.
See earlier posts about EU projects and the Roma/gypsies. That's where this is all coming from.

Then you get straightforward racial bigotry: Romanian families forced to flee in Belfast.

The EU thinks that racism and nationalism can be dissolved by destroying national boundaries and institutions; by encouraging large scale migration of different national groups across Europe; by introducing legislation and policies that are supposed to change people's perceptions and ways of thought without asking them what they feel.

It doesn't work and it won't work. It will have the opposite effect.

Fred Goodwin is a Broken Man

The man who buggered the bank is now reduced to penury.

Wildcat strikes spread across UK's power stations and oil refineries. Just like the good old days.

White Stop Terror Law Quotas

Terror law used to stop thousands 'just to balance racial statistics'. Welcome to modern Britain.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Voluntary Self-Declared Ethnicity Ascription EU Roma Travellers

Gypsy Awareness Lessons over at A Tangled Web. I have an earlier post on this subject.

The Daily Mail wades in.

It's now part of government education policy (although the word education rarely features any more): The Inclusion of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children and Young People, The Inclusion of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Pupils: strategies for building confidence in voluntary self-declared ethnicity ascription. I just love 'voluntary self-declared ethnicity ascription'.

No mention of the EU, which is the motivating force behind all this:
The European Union has a strong legal framework to combat discrimination. It uses the European Structural Funds and addresses the issue of Roma discrimination in its awareness-raising initiatives. Moreover, it coordinates a number of key policy areas which are particularly relevant for Roma inclusion, such as education, employment and social inclusion.
However, even the Czech Roma are complaining that EU cash is not proving effective.

On the EU Commission's website, The European Union and Roma, it says
For the purposes of this website, the term "Roma" includes persons describing themselves as Roma, Gypsies, Travellers, Manouches, Ashkali, Sinti, as well as other terms. General use of the term Roma is in no way intended to downplay or ignore the great diversity within the many different Romani groups and related communities, nor is it intended to promote stereotypes.
In other words, if I decide to sell up, buy a caravan and become a 'Traveller', I could declare myself ethnically a Roma? Or 'voluntarily self-declare my ethnicity ascription' as Ed Balls would say.

I didn't realise it was that easy.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Taser Labour Please

Taser Taser Taser! It's just too bloody easy. Henry Porter - "Once you give a weapon like this to the British police it will be used and abused as a weapon of punishment and torture."

How to set up a community website: are these the right conversations starters? - the typical interfering top-down approach of "progressives". Just leave people alone to do this for themselves.

Entrench Labour policy in Law, says Mike Smith, who, apart from not appearing to understand parliamentary democracy, also doesn't seem to realise that our real masters lie in Brussels:
We must, of course, do everything we can to win the general election, but if we lose there is no limit to what the Tories could do. Parliamentary sovereignty means that the British people have no fundamental rights and there are no laws which parliament cannot change or abolish with a simple majority. Given this, the Tory response to this ‘unprecedented’ crisis could be truly terrifying and hugely damaging.
A rope and a lamppost for Comrade Smith, please.

Iran Twitter German Censorship Insurrection Coffee

Twitterverse working to confuse Iranian censors. ?

The Coming Insurrection? Liberating Lipsticks and Lattes.

The dawning of internet censorship in German. It's either terrorism or child abuse - take your pick.

Digital Brown Britain Gas

The government today released its Digital Britain report.

In the meantime you can read Gordon Brown telling us why The internet is as vital as water and gas and justifying what looks like more state interference under the pretext of innovation, provision of vital services, etc, etc:
Improved communications technologies from the progressive digital switchover will enable the Government and local authorities to provide taxpayers with improved individually tailored public services offering the greatest value for money, and increasing efficiency for citizens and businesses. We must also introduce a robust legal framework to combat digital piracy and secure the rights of Britain's creative talent.
The whole article is written in this lego-like prose, with bits of jargon and meaningless techno-politico-speak bodged together, an example of the complete opposite of the innovation and creativity it is supposed to espouse.

Brown, of course, is a great internet user, isn't he? He really knows what the web is all about:
Whether it is to work online, study, learn new skills, pay bills or simply stay in touch with friends and family, a fast internet connection is now seen by most of the public as an essential service, as indispensable as electricity, gas and water.
Nothing about the main reasons people use the web - shopping, gaming, watching porn and wasting time. And aren't those other services, water, electricity and gas, now in private, not government hands?

As with anything issuing from this government, what you see will not be what you get. My suspicion is that the main purpose is to establish a government controlled internet system which will be used primarily as the main contact for public access to all services; ie 'individually tailored services' means you'll only be able to sort them out via the internet. I don't think the Conservatives would be any better, since they've also been spouting this 'post-bureaucratic government' bullshit as well.

The future's not bright, it's shite.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Mandelson's Minion Brown Excrement in Jackboots

Peter Hitchens on not hearing the jackboots but knowing the bastards are here: government clampdown on home schooling; and the Conservatives' weasel words on the EU.

Raedwald calls for a bonfire of the directives, listing the number of EU rules under which we live out our lives - over 17,000 of the bloody things and increasing every week.

Gordon Brown, otherwise now known as Mandelson's Minion, has set up an inquiry into the Iraq War. A bit fucking late, if you ask me. What's the point now, apart from trying desperately to boost the excremental Brown's reputation? Didn't he vote for the damn thing in the first place? Oh, the Minion says "Now is the right time to learn the lessons of this conflict." Anyone in public life who says anything about learning lessons should be given a good thrashing.

The BNP? Bugger off, I'm not reading another bloody thing about them.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Transparently Mendacious Brown

Heather Brooke, who deserves ennobling for her investigatory work into the stinking bowels of our government, describes the vacuousness of Brown's talk about 'transparency': Freedom of information? It's a state secret.
When it comes to politicians advocating open government the best advice is to ignore what they say and focus on what they do.

Yesterday, Gordon Brown used the dreaded word “transparency”. I have been campaigning for five years on freedom of information and had to go to the High Court to force the disclosure of MPs' expenses, so it is with some satisfaction that I now hear the Prime Minister issuing statements about the need for open government that I couldn't have written better myself.

Mr Brown proposed extending the scope of freedom of information. The funny thing is that he suggested this once before, in October 2007. It must have slipped his mind.

Back then, in the first flush of office, he gave a rousing speech on civil liberties. He announced a public consultation about extending coverage of the Freedom of Information Act to institutions that received huge whacks of taxpayers' cash but had no obligation to be publicly accountable, such as city academies, Network Rail, and private companies providing public services.

The consultation closed in February 2008 and the results were supposed to be implemented no later than November 2008. Need I say that nothing happened? In January I inquired about this phantom consultation. I asked the Ministry of Justice for a copy of the submissions and timelines of progress on implementation. Not getting a straight answer, I filed an FoI request (as I do).

You can guess what happened next. My FoI request about the progress of freedom of information was rejected. The ministry claimed that all the information was exempt as it involved the “formulation of government policy”. So much for Mr Brown's airy claim that “this is the public's money. They should know how it is spent.”

Now Mr Brown has put in charge of the FoI reforms one Jack Straw, of the Ministry of Justice, (a department with one of the shoddiest records in answering FoI requests). He is to head a public debate on this secret public consultation. When it comes to making bureaucracies accountable this is the snail's pace of progress.

How unlike the lightning speed with which new bureaucracies are created. Two were magicked into life just this week: A shiny new department for Peter Mandelson and the ironically-titled Government Democratic Council. I say ironic because in the true spirit of Yes, Minister its creation is shrouded in secrecy. It appears the members will be ministers appointed by the Prime Minister in secret and it's unclear how transparently they will formulate reforms for a more transparent democracy. Here's betting it will be behind closed doors.

Friday, 12 June 2009

The Eternal Tendency Towards Fascism

I've just finished reading Carlo Levi's Christ Stopped at Eboli and was taken by some of his comments towards the end of the book. Levi, a painter and writer, was exiled by the Italian fascist authorities to a village in the poverty-stricken south of the country in 1935. His book recounts the year he spent there.

This is what he has to say: (talking of his friends back home)
At bottom, as I now perceived, they were all unconscious worshippers of the State. Whether the State they worshipped was the Fascist State or the incarnation of quite another dream, they thought of it as something that transcended both its citizens and its lives.
And later,
We cannot foresee the political forms of the future, but in a middle-class country like Italy, where middle-class ideology has infected the masses of workers in the city, it is probable, alas, that the new institutions arising after Fascism, no matter how extreme and revolutionary they may be in appearance, will maintain the same ideology under different forms and create a new State equally far removed from real life, equally idolatrous and abstract, a perpetuation under new slogans and new flags of the worst features of the eternal tendency towards Fascism.

Canting Brown Lachrimose Blears And Hull Quango Heaven

Bribed or threatened? Blears 'regrets' resignation timing. Who cares? She's an odious little shit with not an ounce of integrity.

Gordon Brown's democracy in action: all those jolly lords and ladies in government. Off with their heads.

I've been trying to unravel the network of quangos and other bodies associated with NHS Hull's purchase of a yacht, which was mentioned on tonight's local news. The yacht is supposed to provide valuable training to deprived local youngsters. This may indeed be a Good Thing but no one seems to asking the question: what has this to do with health care? Isn't this the province of social services and education?

Here's an article from the Yorkshire Post last year. And a more recent one from Hull & East Riding.

All of these are involved:

Hull and East Yorkshire Community Foundation

One Hull

Cat Zero ("a new not-for-profit organisation which is in the process of registering charitable status and is currently hosted by the Hull & East Yorkshire Community Foundation," according to Hull Forward).

Hull Forward

It's endless and I've got tired clicking all over the place trying to unpick this one, but I'm sure there'll be a fake charity in there.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Local Atheist Defends Local Christian

Distracted as I was by elections and all that, I forgot to mention this little item that's been doing the rounds: Police crack down on preacher. Also commented upon by Cranmer.

It's quite possible that this is the very same preacher who sometimes delivers his message in central Lincoln just outside Barclays Bank, I don't know. It doesn't matter. I'm an atheist but I have no problems with people spouting their creeds on the street like this as long as it's orderly and not harassing me. I can put up with people in public speaking all kinds of stuff that I consider nonsense (politicians do it all the time) and even making statements that I find 'offensive' to my own thinking. Offensiveness against beliefs, however, is not a question of law unless it gets to the point where someone is openly encouraging violence against another person or groups of people (though I'd be unsure about even this, since I'd be quite happy to encourage violence against certain politicians and their supporters, etc).

In this case there may be doubts as to the authenticity of the 'complaints' - what are they, how many of them are there, who made them and when?

What we are witnessing is the cleansing of our public spaces of any self-determined activity by ordinary people; any activity, that is, that isn't either sanctioned by, determined by or in agreement with the state. In my view, this is a part of a long historical process of inclosure; the inclosure of the British mind. It started with the physical inclosure of common land and now continues into public urban, ie 'common', spaces and into the minds of the people at large. Soon we'll have nothing left.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

British Bobbies Try Out Waterboarding

Met officers under investigation for allegedly using waterboarding on drugs suspects. Where the US goes little Britain is sure to follow.

Next it'll be thumbscrews for dog-fouling.

Bastard Brown Moral Black Hole Destroying Light

The EU is busy churning out two laws a week, according to an article by Bruno Waterfield:
In the 30 years since the parliament's first elections in 1979, a raft of treaties has given MEPs power to shape 75 per cent of the legislation and regulation that emerges from Brussels.

The parliament has passed 404 laws since the last elections in 2004. Another 233 are in the pipeline, meaning that Euro-MPs are currently churning out two pieces of EU legislation a week.

If the Lisbon Treaty gets past a second Irish referendum this autumn, parliament's powers will expand to cover 90 per cent of EU legislation, including security and justice policies.
Bill Cash reckons there is a way to counteract the increasing domination of the EU and guarantee a Conservative victory:
Trade but no EU laws

Sir, In the aftermath of the European elections, it is important to bear in mind why it is that the United Kingdom Independence Party has done well and, although successful, the Conservative Party has faced this challenge.

The deputy leader of UKIP, Mike Nattrass, MEP, stood against me in the general election in 2005 when UKIP was on virtual parity with its current electoral success.

He lost his deposit. There is a lesson here which is that the Conservative Party is at last united over the Lisbon treaty and a call for a referendum has to go farther — which is to have a referendum on the Lisbon treaty whatever the outcome of the Irish vote, and whether or not Lisbon has been ratified by all member states.

My motion to this effect was strongly supported by at least 50 Conservative MPs last year. Furthermore, it is imperative that we endorse my “supremacy of Parliament” amendment, also supported by at least 50 Conservative MPs, that would allow passage of Westminster legislation to override European legislation, and require the judiciary to observe and obey that latest law.

In Visions of Europe (1993) I predicted that the direction of the European ideologues and treaty-makers would lead to the rise of the far Right on the back of economic failure, unemployment, immigration and undemocratic centralisation. We now see the proof in the first national success of the BNP.

We need an association of nation states. We need, as David Cameron has said, “trade and co-operation” with the European Union; we do not want or need European government.

And we need British laws for British judges, which is what I said before UKIP borrowed this from what I stated to Gordon Brown in the House of Commons on November 14, 2007. With these policies the Conservative Party is guaranteed total victory and No 10.

Bill Cash, MP

House of Commons, London SW1
And the Mail highlights the mess caused by Brown's appointment of Glenys Kinnock, to his government of all toe-rags, no one seeming to have bothered with sorting out their formal employment arrangements. Not just another unelected member of the cabinet but another Europhile (like Mandelson). I heard commentators on the BBC the other day talking about her as an 'important figure in British politics', which she isn't. Unless you count being married to Neil Kinnock (again, another unelected position). She's never been an MP and has only ever been an MEP.

PJC details more bastardry by this government: Inspectorates have their teeth pulled.

Brown will have announced his plans for electoral reform today. This man will conjure up anything to keep himself in power. There's not one thing he does or says that isn't consistent with that one aim. The man's a moral black hole, destroying all light around him.

Labour Sell By Federalist Spanking Tax Date

Daniel Hannan on how the continental federalists are warming to the Spawn.

Cranmer draws our attention to government plans to abolish the 'sell by' and 'use by' dates on food. To replace them with another date. Presumably with the consent of their EU masters.

Why Labour got spanked, according to a copper, who should know.

Tax records left unguarded, but no doubt 'lessons will be learned'.

An everyday tale of consumer folk in modern rip-off Britain from An Englishman's Castle.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Let's Have a Heated Debate

Unenlightened Commentary has a go at Denis McShane over his response in the Guardian to the Euro election results (Ten lessons for the left from Europe).

McShane makes a plea to readers to "leave to one side the abuse that any article by a politician provokes and instead help in saying which points are pertinent and which are irrelevant to the next stage of debate." Too late.

Here's my own pint of bile:

- "In the European parliament election there is really only one central question – the EU itself." How true. What a pity the EU is never discussed and never has been discussed by Labour or anyone else in the last twelve years.

- (3) "The manifesto of the centre-right EPP federation explicitly referred to Europe as a Judeo-Christian concept. No room for Muslims then." You're a cretin, McShane. Europe is a Judeo-Christian concept. Go read some fucking history books. Read some bloody literature, you know, the kind of stuff that's no longer taught in our schools as a result of your policies. People from other faiths are welcome provided they accept the foundation of our culture.

- (4) "We need a cordon sanitaire around these people who now have access to the European parliament's funds which Nigel Farage reckons has given him £2m plus as an MEP." UKIP, like it or not, is a legal, democratic party and its MEPs are entitled to the same expenses as Labour and the others. This is also a despicable misreading of Farage, because, as you well know, that £2m was spread over ten years. Go wash the ordure out of your own stables before you start pointing at others.

- (5) "But the left does well when there is growth, businesses are being created, which in turn create jobs, and citizens have money left to spend themselves rather than see it being transferred to state bureaucracies." Any ruling party does well when there is growth. The Jolly Pirate and Parrot Party would do well in times of plenty.

- (7) "In Britain, the Scottish question will soon become acute. While England and Wales vote Tory, Scotland responds to the European question by becoming more and more nationalist. Labour needs to produce a policy for England before it is too late." In Britain the English question will soon become acute, sunshine. Perhaps you shouldn't have swallowed the EU's traitorous edicts so eagerly and gone ahead with the regionalisation of the United Kingdon, leaving England unrepresented, disparaged and unconsulted. You have fissured the Union and it's the English who are going to get nationalistic.

- (9) "Labour has to take deep breaths and reduce its fever. A leadership putsch now followed by an unavoidable election, however much demanded by Daniel Hannan, Farage, and assorted rightwing columnists, would undermine the progressive cause in Britain for generations." How about an election demanded by the people, perhaps? Bet you never thought of that, did you? And there's that tell-tale toxic word - 'progressive', here a euphemism for that long-buried word 'socialism', except with authoritarian overtones.

- (10) David Cameron is having to create "an alliance with homophobic Polish rightists or a Czech party which has just lost power and whose leader thinks global warming is a myth." They sound as bad as the nuts you could assemble from the cupboards of the previous bunch. As for loons, aren't we governed by a petulant autocrat who believes that a non-existent man claiming to be the son of a (non-existent) god was crucified two thousand years ago and came back to life again? And is now personally guiding his moral compass?

Monday, 8 June 2009

Brown Labour Wipeout Brons BNP Leeds Kicking Memoir

British politics enters the realms of farce, as somebody called Bob Ainsworth, newly appointed minister for something or other, says Gordon Brown is not the problem, and the PM is apparently given a great reception at his meeting with the Parliamentary Labour Party, etc.

Meanwhile, the dirty leakage of truth about Brown's Stalinist tendencies: Environment Minister Jane Kennedy resigns after refusing to swear Brown loyalty oath.

Interesting to see that one of the new BNP MEPs is Andrew Brons, veteran of the National front era. I remember these chaps from my days in Leeds in the 1970s. Nasty bunch they were, as well. Poking around on the internet I found this article/memoir by one of the NF's footsoldiers. It's about an NF election 'meeting' in a Leeds school. I was one of the 'screaming mob of reds' who eventually chased the bastards down to the station afterwards (our particular route took us through the Merrion Centre, I believe).

At one stage Martin Webster was trapped on a street corner, protected by a small number of police (some on horseback) while the baying mob screamed "What's it like to be persecuted, Webster?" Not entirely a rhetorical question and one to which the sweating fat fascist had no reply.

Eventually Webster and the others managed to make it to the station area where they encountered football fans emerging from Elland Road. They may have thought they would be among friends but my recollection was that a football fan glassed Webster, who had to be taken to hospital.

It was interesting that nothing appeared in the media, despite the fact that this was a big demonstration and a large number of people (not just screaming reds) gave the NF a bloody good kicking.

Ah, great days.

Politically Correct Travelling Persons De-Activate Police Helicopter

Who would have thought gypsies, sorry travellers, would be in the advance guard of the fightback? - Gypsies trash £5million police helicopter.

Not just Labour who are desperate: "If so many people in Britain (80% was the usual figure quoted) wanted a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, how come only 43% bothered voting?" asks Nosemonkey's Eutopia. I'm sure the answer's pretty fucking obvious but I can't be bothered arguing the case.

This says something about somebody or other: Jesus and Princess Diana lead poll of dead people we most want to meet. Except that as there's absolutely no evidence that a man called Jesus existed, he shouldn't be on the list at all. That doesn't make it any better to have the spoilt airhead close behind, though.

Here's £30 Million And A Lordship

Via NHS Blog Doctor, this little morsel; Viglen (Chairman, Sir Alan the Sugar) has won a £30 million contract to 'supply public sector organisations with 70,000 PCs'. Article at The Register.

Sir Alan is being ennobled by Gordon the great in order to be parachuted into Brown's cabinet of all the wankers.

Twat, Twatter, Twattest

Interview with Harriet Harman on BBC.

BNP waffle, waffle. Nothing about UKIP, of course, and Labour being relegated to a minority party.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Brown Being Booed At D-Day Celebrations

Courtesy of Crown Blogspot, a clip of Brown being booed at the D-Day Celebrations.

Blairite, Brownite? WTF?

And while I'm at it, can anyone tell me what these terms actually mean?

Given that all of them are total cunts, that is.

The Union Of The Kingdom At Stake

English democrat flies the Union flag in Doncaster, says the Observer, commenting on the surprise victory of the English Democrats in Thursday's elections. They can't help making that Labour dig about flags and fascists, though : "the English Democrats are routinely called right-wing (every public building would have to fly the Union flag)". What a pity it was the Union flag and not that of St George, otherwise the Guardian's man could really have gone to town on the fascist English patriot spiel (something he wouldn't dare do in Scotland or Wales, of course).

I think they're out of touch. Both the Union flag and the flag of St George have long since passed out of the grubby possession of the fascist parties and football thugs. The irony is that we are going to see a lot more flag waving, and a lot more people waving the flag who previously would not have done so, than ever before. And that's because it is becoming clearer and clearer to people in England that their national sovereignty - and more than that, their very identity - has been mendaciously stolen from them. Stolen, ignored and treated with contempt.

The devolution of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland was not a gift of generosity by the Labour government but the craven compliance of apparatchiks to their master's plans, ie the EU.

Many people in England are growing sick of being ignored or treated with contempt. Many people still believe not just in the nationhood of England (and of Scotland and wales) but also of the Union. The steps taken by the Blair government to further the regionalisation plans of the EU have already introduced fissures in the Union. Whether those fissures can be fixed or whether the situation is going to become dangerously unstable is yet to be seen. Those working for independence in Scotland and Wales are playing a dangerous political game - for their own personal ends, of course, but the consequences could be disastrous for all of us in these islands.

This is all a result of the EU and the compliant servility of the British government. The EU wants no political union in Europe except itself. The existence of the UK and its success is an affront to their authoritarian world-view.

The results of the EU elections will prove interesting, to say the least, but one thing you can be guaranteed of - that mainstream politicians and their ignorant friends in the media will avoid dealing with the realities of EU power and its mendacity.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Brown D-Day Obama Beach Booh Cockup

So enamoured of the new American Pres is Gordon Brown that he renamed Omaha Beach in his honour at the 65th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

And he got booed into the bargain, though I have yet to find a clip.

Can we shoot him now, please?

Friday, 5 June 2009

Brown Shafts Universities

Another great idea of Brown's - ram universities into a monster department for business, run by Mandelson. The word education rarely appears in the government's blatherings these days...

The Deliqescent Madness of Brown Labour

Will Gordon Brown be the first British Prime Minister to have to be forcibly removed (in a strait-jacket) from Number 10? With Purnell, yet another minister resigning, how long will it be before he understands that the game is well and truly up and that he has to go?

Geert Wilders' Freedom Party in the Netherlands looks set to gain four seats in the European parliament.

Bruno Waterfield dissects the purulent corpse that is the EU.

Absolutely no privacy under Labour: even your medical records are fodder for the state and its business parasites.

The Curmudgeon draws attention to a report which exposes the immense waste in the NHS on consultants. Business consultants, that is, not the medical ones who do something useful.

Craig Murray is unwell.

Police harvesting DNA of young people while they can.

Henry Porter discerns some green shoots of liberty. I get the feeling there's going to be a bit of claret spilt before we get back the freedoms we've lost to Labour and the EU.

Matthew Taylor thinks the main trouble with our politics is the system itself, but ignores the fact that real problem is the people running the system.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

We're Gonna Have To Chop His Fingers Off...

DK via Obnoxio draws our attention to an article in Private Eye from 1984 about a certain young MP, Gordon Brown:
Dr Gordon Brown

The new Labour member for Dunfermline East, Dr Gordon Brown, is typical of the brand of mediocre, middle-class careerists who make up an increasing proportion of the undistinguished lobby-fodder and whom Labour habitually returns from Scotland, though he has greater academic pretensions than most.

Brown shot to provincial fame on being elected as Edinburgh University’s first student Rector in the late 1960s and ever since his ambition has outstripped his ability. Although, in a tribute, his old history tutor Dr Paul Addison has stated that Brown was “always more than a swot”, it appears that he lacked certain essential social graces. He never fully recovered from his rejection as suitor by the lovely Princess Marguerita of Romania (who works as a computer programmer in the University’s Computer Department) and ever since has devoted himself obsessively to his political career.

Before becoming Labour’s Scottish Chairman (a meaningless appointment made on the “Buggins’ Turn” principle) Brown worked on a series of current affairs documentaries for Scottish TV which were so excruciatingly dull that he was mercifully taken off the air (he has two brothers in the Scots media).

Once again he has been exceeding his limitations in his new role as a Scots lackey in the outer limits of Kinnock’s kitchen cabinet. A recent Sunday Times article which he had ghosted for the new labour leader had to be withdrawn as “hopeless” by Kinnock’s press officer, Patricia “Harpie” Hewitt.

In June, Brown will enjoy a three-week CIA freebie trip to the USA (he will get $60 a day pocket money while out there.) Kinnock felt obliged to approve this unfashionable hostage to fortune because he himself had been on a similar trip some years ago.
Consistent to the end. Which is coming soon.

Peter Osborne also has a go: The day that Susan Boyle rang Gordon to check on his health.

Matthew Norman wields another scalpel upon a very British form of anarchy.

Brown won't let go. He'll hang on with his last white finger...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

EUquality Nondemocratic Diversity

Old Holborn's take on the EU:
The EU Commission consists of 27 people, none of whom are elected by anyone. They are appointed and have the power to make and change laws that everyone in Europe must abide by...

They are a mixture of appointed communists, convicted criminals, nepotists, perverts, fraudsters, cronies, bankers, aristocracy, lawyers, censors, authoritarians and Fabians.
Spot on, really.

And A Tangled Web catches the equality and diversity insect in his toils. These tossers in local government are pissing our money away on these non-jobs. I'm sure there's an EU element here, as well.

Open Europe highlights the EU's attempt to get the youth onside. You can also take a look at Generation Europe, another EU-backed propaganda agency.

Lampposts for the lot of them.

Chipmunk Rat Jumps Ship - Blears Quits

Hazel Blears, 'communities' secretary, has leapt overboard:
In a statement, Ms Blears said she had never entered politics for her own personal gain or advancement but rather to engage with real people.

“I want to help the Labour party to reconnect with the British people...and to remind them that their values are our values,” she said. “I’m glad to be going home to the people who matter to me.”
If she wanted to engage with real people the last place she should have gone is the House of Commons.

Labour have done more to disconnect people from politics than any previous government.

Labour's values are not our values.

And Blear's electorate will probably decide she doesn't matter enough to them to vote for again.

Good riddance, you scum.

Labour Strangles The Arts; More Rope, More Lamposts, Please

The ridiculous new rules introduced by the Border Agency last year concerning visiting artists and academics from outside the UK are already having a disastrous effect.

Musicians, dancers, academics and artists are finding it too expensive, too difficult or just impossible to get visas to come to the UK to deliver concerts, workshops, talks or in the case of Chinese artist Huang Xu to attend the opening of his own exhibition.

The Manifesto Club have issued a report detailing the whole fiasco, with examples. They also have Facebook group.

The government no doubt think that these draconian rules will help prevent crime, though there's absolutely no evidence that visiting artists and academics have actually been involved in any criminal or terrorist activity.

The result of these restrictions will be to turn the UK into an artistic and cultural backwater and a laughing stock among other countries.

Rope and lampposts.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Jacqui Smith Jumps Sinking Ship

Jacqui Smith, the latest in a line of progressively disgraceful Home secretaries, has resigned. Before being pushed. Reaction in The Times.

Three cheers.

Now all we have to do is put up with the next jackass.

Monday, 1 June 2009

EU Lets Spanish Steal British Waters Round Gibraltar

This is the sort of thing that will eventually cause conflict in the EU: Spain uses EU 'environmental protection' guise to seize control of British waters.

Political Swamp Death Nemesis Awaits Spawn

Forgive the obscure literary reference there, but...this morning I caught a snippet of an interview on the radio; somebody talking to the Spawn Himself.

When asked if there were any situation in which he would stand down before the election, he replied no (of course), because: "I'm going to get on with the job I set myself".

These are the words of a man of colossal delusion and arrogance. He seems to think he's the only person able to improve the economy, even though he's one of those most guilty of driving it down shitter in the first place.

He seems to think that he has the moral authority to continue as Prime Minister even when his government is collapsing daily deeper into ineptitude, corruption and chaos.

He seems to think that he's in the position of Prime Minister to carry out his own plans - not those of the electorate. He forgets that it is the electorate who decide who should govern. There again, he's not really that used to democracy - he avoids the judgement of the ballot box as much as he can.

Nemesis draws closer day by day, whatever blocks, delays and prevarications he employs. In terms of a political death this could be the most humiliating and pathetic we are likely to witness; far worse than that of Major and the sleazbags of the last Tory administration; far worse than Eden after Suez.

Except, I suspect, there will be little sympathy for Brown when he finally drowns in the swamp of his own making.

French Commissar Says La Democratie? Je m'en Fous

Segolene Royal makes a plea for a 'United States of Europe' in the face of media indifference.

Segolene Royal, the losing socialist candidate at the last French elections, reckons what we need is closer political union - whether the people want it or not. At a meeting in Reze she said
"the time has come to form a United States of Europe... don't listen to those who say you have no mandate to do this: the delegates of the general States didn't have the mandate to make their declaration on the Rights of Man, and yet they went ahead and did so...We want more of Europe, we want a bigger Europe...you must create a united Europe, a united Europe of the peoples of Europe...
The alternative, she said, was simple:
either Europe marches on to political unity or it falls apart into nationalism...and nationalism, as Mitterand said, is war.
These politicians are so intoxicated by their own delusions of self-importance they fail to see that an enforced union, accomplished with or without the full knowledge and permission of the people, will end up causing the very nationalistic conflicts they think they are relegating to history.

So there you have it again: the political class decide what we should have and intend to give it to us even when we reject it. And when it all falls apart in strife and unrest, they'll blame us.