Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Taser Labour Please

Taser Taser Taser! It's just too bloody easy. Henry Porter - "Once you give a weapon like this to the British police it will be used and abused as a weapon of punishment and torture."

How to set up a community website: are these the right conversations starters? - the typical interfering top-down approach of "progressives". Just leave people alone to do this for themselves.

Entrench Labour policy in Law, says Mike Smith, who, apart from not appearing to understand parliamentary democracy, also doesn't seem to realise that our real masters lie in Brussels:
We must, of course, do everything we can to win the general election, but if we lose there is no limit to what the Tories could do. Parliamentary sovereignty means that the British people have no fundamental rights and there are no laws which parliament cannot change or abolish with a simple majority. Given this, the Tory response to this ‘unprecedented’ crisis could be truly terrifying and hugely damaging.
A rope and a lamppost for Comrade Smith, please.

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