Friday, 12 June 2009

Canting Brown Lachrimose Blears And Hull Quango Heaven

Bribed or threatened? Blears 'regrets' resignation timing. Who cares? She's an odious little shit with not an ounce of integrity.

Gordon Brown's democracy in action: all those jolly lords and ladies in government. Off with their heads.

I've been trying to unravel the network of quangos and other bodies associated with NHS Hull's purchase of a yacht, which was mentioned on tonight's local news. The yacht is supposed to provide valuable training to deprived local youngsters. This may indeed be a Good Thing but no one seems to asking the question: what has this to do with health care? Isn't this the province of social services and education?

Here's an article from the Yorkshire Post last year. And a more recent one from Hull & East Riding.

All of these are involved:

Hull and East Yorkshire Community Foundation

One Hull

Cat Zero ("a new not-for-profit organisation which is in the process of registering charitable status and is currently hosted by the Hull & East Yorkshire Community Foundation," according to Hull Forward).

Hull Forward

It's endless and I've got tired clicking all over the place trying to unpick this one, but I'm sure there'll be a fake charity in there.

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