Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bastard Brown Moral Black Hole Destroying Light

The EU is busy churning out two laws a week, according to an article by Bruno Waterfield:
In the 30 years since the parliament's first elections in 1979, a raft of treaties has given MEPs power to shape 75 per cent of the legislation and regulation that emerges from Brussels.

The parliament has passed 404 laws since the last elections in 2004. Another 233 are in the pipeline, meaning that Euro-MPs are currently churning out two pieces of EU legislation a week.

If the Lisbon Treaty gets past a second Irish referendum this autumn, parliament's powers will expand to cover 90 per cent of EU legislation, including security and justice policies.
Bill Cash reckons there is a way to counteract the increasing domination of the EU and guarantee a Conservative victory:
Trade but no EU laws

Sir, In the aftermath of the European elections, it is important to bear in mind why it is that the United Kingdom Independence Party has done well and, although successful, the Conservative Party has faced this challenge.

The deputy leader of UKIP, Mike Nattrass, MEP, stood against me in the general election in 2005 when UKIP was on virtual parity with its current electoral success.

He lost his deposit. There is a lesson here which is that the Conservative Party is at last united over the Lisbon treaty and a call for a referendum has to go farther — which is to have a referendum on the Lisbon treaty whatever the outcome of the Irish vote, and whether or not Lisbon has been ratified by all member states.

My motion to this effect was strongly supported by at least 50 Conservative MPs last year. Furthermore, it is imperative that we endorse my “supremacy of Parliament” amendment, also supported by at least 50 Conservative MPs, that would allow passage of Westminster legislation to override European legislation, and require the judiciary to observe and obey that latest law.

In Visions of Europe (1993) I predicted that the direction of the European ideologues and treaty-makers would lead to the rise of the far Right on the back of economic failure, unemployment, immigration and undemocratic centralisation. We now see the proof in the first national success of the BNP.

We need an association of nation states. We need, as David Cameron has said, “trade and co-operation” with the European Union; we do not want or need European government.

And we need British laws for British judges, which is what I said before UKIP borrowed this from what I stated to Gordon Brown in the House of Commons on November 14, 2007. With these policies the Conservative Party is guaranteed total victory and No 10.

Bill Cash, MP

House of Commons, London SW1
And the Mail highlights the mess caused by Brown's appointment of Glenys Kinnock, to his government of all toe-rags, no one seeming to have bothered with sorting out their formal employment arrangements. Not just another unelected member of the cabinet but another Europhile (like Mandelson). I heard commentators on the BBC the other day talking about her as an 'important figure in British politics', which she isn't. Unless you count being married to Neil Kinnock (again, another unelected position). She's never been an MP and has only ever been an MEP.

PJC details more bastardry by this government: Inspectorates have their teeth pulled.

Brown will have announced his plans for electoral reform today. This man will conjure up anything to keep himself in power. There's not one thing he does or says that isn't consistent with that one aim. The man's a moral black hole, destroying all light around him.

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