Monday, 1 June 2009

Political Swamp Death Nemesis Awaits Spawn

Forgive the obscure literary reference there, but...this morning I caught a snippet of an interview on the radio; somebody talking to the Spawn Himself.

When asked if there were any situation in which he would stand down before the election, he replied no (of course), because: "I'm going to get on with the job I set myself".

These are the words of a man of colossal delusion and arrogance. He seems to think he's the only person able to improve the economy, even though he's one of those most guilty of driving it down shitter in the first place.

He seems to think that he has the moral authority to continue as Prime Minister even when his government is collapsing daily deeper into ineptitude, corruption and chaos.

He seems to think that he's in the position of Prime Minister to carry out his own plans - not those of the electorate. He forgets that it is the electorate who decide who should govern. There again, he's not really that used to democracy - he avoids the judgement of the ballot box as much as he can.

Nemesis draws closer day by day, whatever blocks, delays and prevarications he employs. In terms of a political death this could be the most humiliating and pathetic we are likely to witness; far worse than that of Major and the sleazbags of the last Tory administration; far worse than Eden after Suez.

Except, I suspect, there will be little sympathy for Brown when he finally drowns in the swamp of his own making.

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