Wednesday, 3 June 2009

EUquality Nondemocratic Diversity

Old Holborn's take on the EU:
The EU Commission consists of 27 people, none of whom are elected by anyone. They are appointed and have the power to make and change laws that everyone in Europe must abide by...

They are a mixture of appointed communists, convicted criminals, nepotists, perverts, fraudsters, cronies, bankers, aristocracy, lawyers, censors, authoritarians and Fabians.
Spot on, really.

And A Tangled Web catches the equality and diversity insect in his toils. These tossers in local government are pissing our money away on these non-jobs. I'm sure there's an EU element here, as well.

Open Europe highlights the EU's attempt to get the youth onside. You can also take a look at Generation Europe, another EU-backed propaganda agency.

Lampposts for the lot of them.

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