Monday, 1 June 2009

French Commissar Says La Democratie? Je m'en Fous

Segolene Royal makes a plea for a 'United States of Europe' in the face of media indifference.

Segolene Royal, the losing socialist candidate at the last French elections, reckons what we need is closer political union - whether the people want it or not. At a meeting in Reze she said
"the time has come to form a United States of Europe... don't listen to those who say you have no mandate to do this: the delegates of the general States didn't have the mandate to make their declaration on the Rights of Man, and yet they went ahead and did so...We want more of Europe, we want a bigger must create a united Europe, a united Europe of the peoples of Europe...
The alternative, she said, was simple:
either Europe marches on to political unity or it falls apart into nationalism...and nationalism, as Mitterand said, is war.
These politicians are so intoxicated by their own delusions of self-importance they fail to see that an enforced union, accomplished with or without the full knowledge and permission of the people, will end up causing the very nationalistic conflicts they think they are relegating to history.

So there you have it again: the political class decide what we should have and intend to give it to us even when we reject it. And when it all falls apart in strife and unrest, they'll blame us.

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