Monday, 15 June 2009

Mandelson's Minion Brown Excrement in Jackboots

Peter Hitchens on not hearing the jackboots but knowing the bastards are here: government clampdown on home schooling; and the Conservatives' weasel words on the EU.

Raedwald calls for a bonfire of the directives, listing the number of EU rules under which we live out our lives - over 17,000 of the bloody things and increasing every week.

Gordon Brown, otherwise now known as Mandelson's Minion, has set up an inquiry into the Iraq War. A bit fucking late, if you ask me. What's the point now, apart from trying desperately to boost the excremental Brown's reputation? Didn't he vote for the damn thing in the first place? Oh, the Minion says "Now is the right time to learn the lessons of this conflict." Anyone in public life who says anything about learning lessons should be given a good thrashing.

The BNP? Bugger off, I'm not reading another bloody thing about them.

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