Saturday, 20 June 2009

Education and Speeling The New Labout Way

Education, education, education...New Labour continues its relentless drive to eradicate education from schools as well as from the titles of its own ministries:

- Schools advised to abandon the 'i' before 'e' rule; the Department for Children, Families and Schools issues a 123-page document, Support For Spelling.

- Out of the nursery, into the rat race: the growth of private tutoring under New Labour. Labour is good for something then - private enterprise.

- Balls grabs more powers for himself in a new 'Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning' bill. That's his way of 'devolving responsibility locally'.

And Gordon Brown in the Guardian supplement:
And he really believes that the age we're living in is a progressive one. He cites a bit of evidence for this: for the first time, he says, teaching is the most popular occupation for people leaving university. "It's a great profession. I could move to teaching ... " He beams, as if to say, You see! There's always something else I can do!
Not a good idea.

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