Thursday, 26 August 2010

Alan Grant talks about how Mega City One is like Fascist Britain on Vimeo

Alan Grant talks about how Mega City One is like Fascist Britain on Vimeo

The best bit is actually right at the end, where the interviewer asks Grant if he thinks Britain is a fascist state. He says yes and then explains.

Multiculturalism and Its�Discontents

Multiculturalism and Its�Discontents

It's not just within the area of religion that multiculturalism is wreaking havoc, but everywhere.

Read the comments, just to remind yourself of what the enemy thinks.

EU popularity plunges right across the bloc

You mean that the EU was actually popular with some folk?

EUobserver / EU popularity plunges right across the bloc

Strange, then, that the EU thinks that 75% of its 'citizens' want it to have more economic control. I don't remember being asked about this. Do you?

France deports hundreds more Roma

AFP: France deports hundreds more Roma

Good 'colleague' and major partner of the EU Axis plays fast and loose with the spirit of the EU and its laws in deporting EU citizens, many of whom will be back in France within months. That's what happens within a single 'state' with no real borders - you can't keep the 'citizens' out.

In addition, the policy of destroying the reality of the nation state, combined with the elevation of certain groups to untouchable victimhood, ensures that in the long run there will be racial and national conflict.

BBC Bias Must Be Taken In Hand

The BBC's pro-Labour bias is well documented in various blogs (notably Biased BBC), and yet it is amazing that the new coalition government has done nothing yet, as far as we know, to eradicate it. Last night I watched Emily Maitlis interviewing a Tory spokesman about the report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies which asserted that the poor would be worse off under the Coalition's cuts. She constantly interrupted him and was persistently aggressive in her manner. None of the other talking heads lined up by the BBC supported the government.

This approach was in stark contrast to her interview with Labour MP Tom Harris about complaints that MPs were being abusive to IPSA staff over expenses claims. Not for him the aggressive interruptions, the harrying. No, at one point she even called him 'Tom'. How sweet. No mention that this incompetent system was set up by his boss, Gordon Brown, who, as it happens, is still leader of the Labour Party, although he hasn't made an appearance for 3 months.

No mention, either, that the Institute for Fiscal Studies is part funded by the BBC - and the EU - and various government departments.

I have no complaints about interviewers being tough with politicians - but I do resent the fact that the BBC, a publicly-funded body, subjects Coalition MPs to the kind of aggression that it rarely applied to any Labour MP during the 13 years of the last government's rule, and hardly ever covered some of the most egregious pieces of legislation (a lot of it from the EU) passed since 1997.

Time for a purge of BBC mandarins, time for the BBC's Charter to be rescued from New Labour's political interference, time for the Coalition spokesmen to be more robust with interviewers and time for government and others to stop paying attention to think tanks and other similar bodies, etc.