Monday, 8 June 2009

Brown Labour Wipeout Brons BNP Leeds Kicking Memoir

British politics enters the realms of farce, as somebody called Bob Ainsworth, newly appointed minister for something or other, says Gordon Brown is not the problem, and the PM is apparently given a great reception at his meeting with the Parliamentary Labour Party, etc.

Meanwhile, the dirty leakage of truth about Brown's Stalinist tendencies: Environment Minister Jane Kennedy resigns after refusing to swear Brown loyalty oath.

Interesting to see that one of the new BNP MEPs is Andrew Brons, veteran of the National front era. I remember these chaps from my days in Leeds in the 1970s. Nasty bunch they were, as well. Poking around on the internet I found this article/memoir by one of the NF's footsoldiers. It's about an NF election 'meeting' in a Leeds school. I was one of the 'screaming mob of reds' who eventually chased the bastards down to the station afterwards (our particular route took us through the Merrion Centre, I believe).

At one stage Martin Webster was trapped on a street corner, protected by a small number of police (some on horseback) while the baying mob screamed "What's it like to be persecuted, Webster?" Not entirely a rhetorical question and one to which the sweating fat fascist had no reply.

Eventually Webster and the others managed to make it to the station area where they encountered football fans emerging from Elland Road. They may have thought they would be among friends but my recollection was that a football fan glassed Webster, who had to be taken to hospital.

It was interesting that nothing appeared in the media, despite the fact that this was a big demonstration and a large number of people (not just screaming reds) gave the NF a bloody good kicking.

Ah, great days.

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