Thursday, 18 June 2009

Racism, It's The Coming Thing, Care Of The EU

More of this from the EU and you start to see why racism is going to increase in the UK over the coming years.

Want to see a GP? Gipsies come first as NHS tells doctors that travellers must be seen at once. Read the official document via the link here.

It's interesting to see the document talking about how gipsies and travellers have traditionally had problems of 'access' to health care. If they moved around all the time I can see how some problems would arrive, but that's not the main cause. Perhaps it's more to do this this:
Travellers’ health beliefs and attitudes to health services demonstrate a cultural pride in self-reliance. There is stoicism and tolerance of chronic ill health, with a deep-rooted fear of cancer or other diagnoses perceived as terminal and hence avoidance of screening. Some fatalistic and nihilistic attitudes to illness were expressed; that is, illness was often seen as inevitable and medical treatment seen as unlikely to make a difference. There is more trust in family carers rather than in professional care.
I'm sure most non-travelling type people will have the same reaction to this as me: with attitudes like these then it's not surprising their general standards of health are so low - but it's their bloody fault. That's not an acceptable view, of course, for the EU/New Labour mindset, since we're talking victimhood here.

The next thing to chuck in is the favourite bogie, racial prejudice:
In relation to Gypsy Travellers’ experiences in accessing health care and the cultural appropriateness of services provided, we found widespread communication difficulties between health workers and Gypsies and Travellers, with defensive expectation of racism and prejudice.
See earlier posts about EU projects and the Roma/gypsies. That's where this is all coming from.

Then you get straightforward racial bigotry: Romanian families forced to flee in Belfast.

The EU thinks that racism and nationalism can be dissolved by destroying national boundaries and institutions; by encouraging large scale migration of different national groups across Europe; by introducing legislation and policies that are supposed to change people's perceptions and ways of thought without asking them what they feel.

It doesn't work and it won't work. It will have the opposite effect.

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