Monday, 8 June 2009

Politically Correct Travelling Persons De-Activate Police Helicopter

Who would have thought gypsies, sorry travellers, would be in the advance guard of the fightback? - Gypsies trash £5million police helicopter.

Not just Labour who are desperate: "If so many people in Britain (80% was the usual figure quoted) wanted a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, how come only 43% bothered voting?" asks Nosemonkey's Eutopia. I'm sure the answer's pretty fucking obvious but I can't be bothered arguing the case.

This says something about somebody or other: Jesus and Princess Diana lead poll of dead people we most want to meet. Except that as there's absolutely no evidence that a man called Jesus existed, he shouldn't be on the list at all. That doesn't make it any better to have the spoilt airhead close behind, though.

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