Monday, 2 November 2009

BBC Impartiality? It's An Education, Whatever

BBC partiality - unprofessional behaviour

Fausty takes exception to the treatment of Dr Sheila Lawlor in this discussion about school places.

The presenter, Naughtie, typically skews the discussion by not going back to the underlying problem but carries on with the government schtick about punishing parents who cheat. Dr Lawlor, however, does go back to the fundamentals.

Taylor (CEO of the RSA, Fausty, not the Arts Council, though these people are all of the same cloth) spins the whole thing and doesn't address the problem at all, which is what you'd expect from a former political adviser.

Hats off to Dr Lawlor, who doesn't put up with this shite. I'm coming round to her view that government ought to butt out of more than a basic input into education. The more they interfere and micro-manage, the worse it gets.

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