Friday, 20 November 2009

Mandelson Gets Hold Of Nominet

Mandelson to get Nominet reform powers • The Register
Ministers have revealed new legislation that will allow the government to take over and reform Nominet, following a boardroom battle over the .uk registry's future.

The reserve powers are included in the Digital Economy Bill, published today by Lord Mandelson's Department for Business.

Officials said they believed it is unlikely the powers will be used, but they were necessary to ensure Nominet took account of the interests of wider public and business interests, and not just those of its members.
I blogged about this a year back, when Mandelson first made moves on Nominet, which is an independent private company that issues domain names in the UK. A copy of Mandelson's letter to Nominet at the time is available on Scribd.

Mandelson's move was obviously intended to increase the state's power over the internet. Now it looks like they're given themselves the right to step in and take over whatever they want, whenever they like.

The ISP's next, if they don't tow the line on file-sharing, perhaps?

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