Monday, 16 November 2009

Frattini Italian Joker EU Army Hoot

Italy's Foreign Minister says post-Lisbon EU needs a European Army - Times Online

Well, we already know that the EU plans to have its own armed services, since this is included in the Lisbon Treaty Constitution - that thing nobody in Westminster or the British seems to have read. In fact, we already have a kind of 'European Navy' in the form of EU NAVFOR, patrolling the seas off Somalia.

The fact that it's an Italian minister calling for an EU army must be causing sniggers throughout Brussels, considering the Italians' recent less than admirable history in the military department. Is this not the same country whose troops were recently found to have been paying the Taliban not to attack them in Afghanistan?

Now that the Eurocrats have been given the green light with the final ratification of Lisbon they're wetting themselves at the prospect of implementing all the mad ideas they've got for further federalisation.

Just think what will happen if the Belgium numpty gets the position of Council President -
At a dinner in Brussels on Thursday, the leaders of the European Union will choose the first President of the European Council. The signs are that they will vote for Herbert Van Rompuy, the prime minister of Belgium and – as we reveal today – a committed believer in just the sort of European federalism that the people of Britain loathe. Mr Van Rompuy is the architect of his party's manifesto, which calls for the abolition of "national symbols" in favour of EU licence plates, identity cards, sports events – and the imposition of a European anthem, Beethoven's Ode to Joy, ripped out of its proper setting in his Ninth Symphony. Britain thought it had won the battle over the national anthem when the compulsory singing of the Ode was removed from the draft constitution. But, with Mr Van Rompuy installed in this new office, we can expect it to form part of a massive extension of the presence of the EU in our town halls, schools and at sporting events.
Oh, we are going to have so much fun fucking these bastards around.

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