Thursday, 19 November 2009

More on School Entry Wellbeing Report

Firstly, a correction to my earlier post: the organisation mentioned was Big Brother Watch, not Statewatch. This has been corrected in the relevant post.

Secondly, the story headlines this morning's Lincolnshire Echo:
Parents of Lincolnshire children who have just started school have been sent an 83-point Big Brother-style questionnaire probing into family life.

Lincolnshire Community Health Services has begun sending out questionnaires to parents of every child who entered reception class in September.

Along with routine health questions, parents are asked whether their child lies, has temper tantrums, steals from home or has at least one good friend.

Other questions directed at parents include "did you enjoy school?" and "how does your child engage/connect with strangers?"

Lincolnshire Community Health Services insists the pilot questionnaire is confidential and will only be viewed by school nurses.
To repeat: it is not compulsory to fill in this questionnaire.

It is intrusive, unnecessary and impertinent.

If you get one, bin it - and complain.

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