Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Cameron's As Bent As Blair And Brown

Cameron to give charities cash in drive to beat welfare ‘failure’ | News
David Cameron attacked the “moral failure” of state-run welfare today as he announced radical plans to use taxpayers' cash to fund charities helping the poorest in society.

The Tory leader pledged to match Labour's commitment to eradicating child poverty but said that a Conservative government would use community groups rather than the state to mend “broken Britain”.

Mr Cameron revealed that he would award welfare franchises across the country to charities which proved they could help the jobless into work or give other assistance to the n
Further proof (though none was actually needed) that Cameron and his 'progressive' Conservatives are exactly the same as Blair, Brown and the New Labour social fascists.

This policy is just a continuation of New Labour's suborning of what they call the 'Third Sector' to further their own policies and 'values'.

Fuck you, Cameron.

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