Sunday, 8 November 2009

Identity What Identity French Boy?

(Photo courtesy of The Observer)

France is torn asunder by great debate over its national identity | World news | The Observer
Ever since its launch by Eric Besson, the minister for immigration and national identity, Nicolas Sarkozy's plan to hold a national discussion on the elusive quality of what it is to be French has been greeted by protest – much of it over whether the question should be asked in the first place.
It's not just in Britain that the politicians have been conducting a massive experiment in 'multiculturalism' by allowing mass immigration without consulting the people, and then trying to generate and control 'debate' about national identity.

I'm sure that most people in France are quite comfortable with their identity and don't need interfering politicians to start buggering things about by goading them with stupid questions. Immigrants should integrate, full stop, wherever they are (and that includes Brits in foreign countries). This process of integration and assimilation is what has worked in the UK over centuries and it must continue to work, irrespective of and despite government intervention. By thoroughly Anglicising and Britannicising immigrants into the UK we can both cope with the change and destroy the government's intention to turn us into a divided 'multicultural' country.

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