Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More On State Child Snooping

The School Entry Wellbeing Report, another piece of intrusive and impertinent state interference, is being trialled in Lincolnshire.

The questionnaire is issued by Lincolnshire Community Health Services, who now seem to have taken on responsibility for social engineering as well.

A copy of the document can be found on the Charters and Caldecott Scribd site. A better quality reproduction may be forthcoming.

This gives a good representation of the questions being asked of parents:

Are you in paid employment?
Is your partner is paid employment?
Is the house overcrowded?
Did you enjoy going to school?
Did you achieve all the qualifications you hoped to achieve?
Have you attended any further education courses?
How does your child behave when you leave the room?
How does your child behave when you return to a room?
Do you get help and support from family members?
Does your family provide you with any financial support?
Do you have friends you can talk to?
How many times a week does your child eat red meat?
How often does your child eat a take away meal?
How often does your child drink plain water?

All of this dovetails neatly with ContactPoint, of course, the big database that most parents haven't heard about, which went online earlier this year and whose purpose is to collate information on every child from year zero to 18. For their own good, naturally.

Completing the 'Wellbeing' Report is voluntary but it is being presented as compulsory, and the authorities will doubtless try to bully non-compliant parents.

I know what my answer would be.

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