Saturday, 14 November 2009

MoD vessel 'watched yacht hijack'

MoD vessel 'watched yacht hijack'

The kidnap of two Britons by Somali pilots was watched by British sailors, who were apparently told not to open fire.

Interesting both for the content and the way this has been reported (or not reported in the main news).

The first reports failed to mention that "the RFA Wave Knight had come within just 50ft (15m) of the couple's yacht, the Lynn Rival, at one point" while the kidnap was taking place.

This report describes the vessel as an "MoD" vessel and as a 'British military ship". The Wave Kinght is actually a Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel and so presumably would be manned by civilians from the MoD. It is a refuelling ship, so I would think nobody would want any shooting going on near it.

Another point to bear in mind is that British vessels are now operating off Somalia as part of the new European (EU) Navy - EU NAVFOR.

So the pirates basically have nothing to worry about.

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