Wednesday, 4 November 2009

So What's To Be Done Now? Lisbon, EU

Article 3a of The Lisbon Treaty: "The Member States shall facilitate the achievement of the Union's tasks and refrain from any measure which could jeopardise the attainment of the Union's objectives."

John Redwood MP » Lisbon lies
The EU has declared war on the UK. The conspiracy to make sure Lisbon comes into effect without giving the UK people the vote they were promised by all three main parties in the 2005 election will increase the distrust of the organisation and its power loving political elite. The way it ignored referendum results against the constitution in France and Holland, claimed that the Constitution had been abandoned when it had just been renamed, and then thrust it on the unwilling Irish by making them have a second vote has reminded us all here just how much the elite hates democracy and despises the views of the people. There will be a price to pay.
So what's to be done? What do we, as Britons, do to begin to release ourselves from this gigantic con-trick while our politicians argue about how to handle he PR?

It strikes me that the real movement for change will have to come from us: we can no longer rely on our political class to do anything about it. Some sort of renegotiated relationship may be possible (despite what the woolly brigade say - all Treaties can be broken, and, besides, the EU wants our cash) but my own instinct is for withdrawal - the EU is a corrupt organisation which cannot be reformed.

We need to use our imaginations on this and be single-minded. Burn the bloody EU flag ceremoniously every year. Bombard our MPs with anti-EU demands; persistently take local government to task for its implementation of EU diktats; write to the local papers drawing attention to the undemocratic work of the EU; publish leaflets, pamphlets, blogs, etc, targeting the EU and highlighting its effects. Anything, for God's sake, anything to make these people suffer and to generate growing public awareness and anger.

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