Tuesday, 24 February 2009

You're An Absolute Shower

My early morning blog-reading has been stimulated by Bishop Hill's savaging of David Semple (simple is as Semple does) who talks a load of bull about home schooling.

More BBC blather about Mandelson's push to enforce EU privatisation plans on the Post Office. Though without once mentioning the EU, of course. Not a peep from the Tories on this one, however, since they know they're stuffed by the same legal requirements.

Meanwhile the Tories are making asses of themselves by trying to out-hardman New Labour on juveniles, with talk of curfews and such like. Hint to Dave and the Other Chaps: you have to be different from the others, not just copy their ideas and magnify them.

Dig for Victory. Are we heading for an old-fashioned 'austerity Britain'? My advice to all young people: leave the country as soon as you can.

Note re: title - those of a certain age will recall this as a catch-phrase of the wonderful Terry-Thomas. Any help in locating a sound recording of the old boy saying it would be much appreciated.

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