Thursday, 26 February 2009

Informed Stasi Citizen Bolshevik Broadcasting Company

Not content with presenting the public with its highly selective and frequently misleading diet of 'news', the BBC has also embraced the role of Social Engineer and Propagandist on behalf of New Labour, hence this nonsense about 'informed citizenship', which found its way into its last Charter (2004).

I'd be happy if the BBC actually stuck to reporting the facts more often than it does and kept its nose out of trying to mould our attitudes. The BBC has a duty to its public; citizenship does not come into it.

Just how far the BBC has become a political tool of New Labour is further revealed in the fact that has its own 'citizenship' website for children, Citizen X. It's full of New Labour newspeak about 'rights', 'responsibilities', 'identity' and 'diversity', as you'd expect and sounds like a child-friendly version of Every Child Matters. All of which comes at a time when the government is daily depriving its citizens of their freedoms.

There are also sections on government, local democracy, voting and community action. There's irony for you.

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