Friday, 27 February 2009

Funtbag Flint In BNP Funk

Minister for Europe Caroline Funtbag Flint shows her shaky grasp of reality:
[The] minister has warned Labour MPs and trade unions they will play into the hands of the British National Party if they continue their campaign against companies they claim recruit "foreign workers" to undercut pay levels.
Surely it would be the other way round? If they refused to listen to people's fears about immigrants and jobs THEN people would turn to the BNP.

This is, of course, what is happening, since New Labour's supremos have told us to get on our bikes and go to Brussels for a job and that we've got to take the EU's laws whether we like them or not.

Same with the Royal Mail. And it's the same problem for the Conservatives. Interesting post about all this over at EU Referendum.

Euro elections in June. The colleagues must be getting jittery.

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