Sunday, 8 February 2009

Overpaid Morons

Follow-up on the BBC's coverage of the Lindsey refinery strike: 'BBC apologises for misleading edit of striking worker'. Editing is something the BBC is very good at (see my previous post on Jeremy Clarkson). It's just covering extremely important issues where it's shit.

Will Hutton demonstrates why he's an overpaid moron: he believes The Spawn of the Manse should institute the equivalent of Roosevelt's New deal programme, because Labour believes in 'deploying the state to create a fair society'. Christ, is that what they believe in? Doesn't look like that to me.

Gordon Brown should not be Prime Minister and New Labour should not be in power. They have demonstrated a complete inability to manage the economy, treated the citizens of this country with total contempt and instituted a campaign of destruction of our freedoms unmatched by any government in two hundred years. Anyone who thinks these sanctimonious cretins should continue in power or advocates a National Government that includes them is a moron.

And talking of morons, having read that a couple of bloggers that Tom Harris is one of the better New Labour bloggers, I dropped in on his site to have a look. He's the man who didn't understand the point of the Libertarian Party's campaign to get a copy of 1984 sent to every MP. He still doesn't understand about surveillance. Or quite possibly he just doesn't give a fuck, because he's all right, Jack.

Anyway, to return to the BBC, I look forward to watching tonight's six o'clock news, to see what important information is omitted.