Sunday, 15 February 2009

Burning Burning Burning Burning

Henry Porter: MPs fiddle while parliamentary democracy burns.

And here is a section of the Common Assessment Framework (part of the Every Child Matters/ContactPoint social control project):

Seeking consent
5.3 In most circumstances (but see paragraphs 5.6 to 5.8 for exceptions), you should only record and share CAF information with the informed consent of the child or parent. This should not be a significant barrier if you are working in partnership with them. You should also provide copies of relevant documents to the child and parent as appropriate. For common assessment, it is important that you:

● obtain informed consent;

● ensure that the information shared is accurate and up-to-date, necessary for the purpose for which you are sharing it, shared with those people who need to see it, and shared securely;

● work with children and parents to agree how information is recorded, used and shared;

● where possible, obtain ‘explicit’ consent if the information held or shared is sensitive (explicit consent can be oral or written; written consent is preferable, e.g. through a signature on the CAF recording form) and, if you have ongoing contact, review this consent regularly;

● follow agreed local policies for recording and renewing consent.

5.4 A young person aged 16 or over, or a child under 16 who has the capacity to understand and make their own decisions about what they are being asked, may give consent. Children aged 12 or over may generally be expected to have sufficient understanding. Otherwise, you should ask a person with parental responsibility to consent on their behalf.
I find the quote marks around 'explicit' rather disturbing. It seems to suggest that non 'explicit' ways may be acceptable. 5.4 is repellent; it's the kind of behaviour encouraged by the Hitler Youth and Komsomol.

We are now in a situation where it is necessary not just to remove Labour from office and demand that all of its repressive legislation be scrapped for ever but also to destroy the Labour party and punish those individuals responsible for this treasonable repression.

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