Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Ecstasy Or A Horse? Fartbags And The Apology Police

Professor David Nutt has been compelled to apologise for using his brains as opposed to towing the PC party line. He had the temerity to point out that horseriding accounted for far more deaths each year than taking ecstasy and that we should think about our reasons for making some activities legal and others not.

Freedom of thought and speech and the right to bring facts into the debate are unacceptable to today's politicians, particularly New Labour. Accordingly the Professor has been made to lick Jacqui's ample boots and apologise to someone or other.

Jacqui Smith, sponger on the public purse and fuckwitted fartbag said:
"I'm sure most people would simply not accept the link that he makes up in his article between horse riding and illegal drug taking.

"For me that makes light of a serious problem, trivialises the dangers of drugs, shows insensitivity to the families of victims of ecstasy and sends the wrong message to young people about the dangers of drugs."
To shine a little more light in this mephitic swamp of canting self-righteousness and ersatz compassion read the Telegraph article.

The Procurement of Apologies is now government policy applicable to everyone except Labour MPs.

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