Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wilders In The Wilderness And Other Toss

Further protests at foreign workers?

Mark Thomas and the Stop And Search Card: a useful idea that could be extended into many other areas. It's about time to turn the tables on the state and give its goons a taste of their own medicine.

British government bans Dutch MP Geert Wilders from entering the country. Can't have any of that freedom of speech malarkey going on here, especially as Wilders is an ugly-looking bastard with wacky hair. Obviously Wilders is not included in Viviane Reding's encomium on the EU Wonderstate: "All citizens have a right to travel throughout Europe as if they were at home...Europe is a space without boundaries, and as a home for its citizens it should create ways for these people to move throughout it in a safe way." Although she was talking about the EU-wide emergency telephone number that has still not caught on in 18 years. It's 112, by the way.

Will Self: for better education we need a better state.

Crosby -> CEO of HBOS (sacks whistleblower for warning that the shit will hit the fan) -> appointed by The Spawn to lead the Government's Public Private Forum on Identity Management; appointed by Darling to head up a Working Group of mortgage industry experts to advise the Government on how to improve the functioning of the mortgage market (stifles laughter) -> gets a gong from Gordon -> appointed Deputy Chairman of the Financial Services Authority -> shit hits the fan, housing market collapses, economy goes down the pan, Crosby resigns.

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