Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Mass Balls Fascist Photo Depression Ploy

(Photo courtesy of BBC)

Mass photo action against police:
Comedian Mark Thomas is to join with NUJ members in an event to highlight the threat of a new UK law that could be used against press photographers taking pictures of the police.

The Counter Terrorism Act allows for the arrest and imprisonment of anyone whose pictures are “likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism”.

The union is joining with campaigners to organise a mass picture taking session outside London’s police HQ on Monday 16 February – the day the act becomes law.
Duncan Carswell reckons England is getting angry.

He's right. No doubt New Labour have some feeling of this and want to ride it for their own benefit by diverting attention away from their own catastrophic failing onto the BNP and 'far-right' groups? Is that what's going on behind the Balls speech last night?

Everything that comes out of the mouth of a Labour politician has to be treated like toxic shit because it is always mendacious. Either Balls' speech is a personal manoeuvre for his own long-term career or it's some ploy by the government. I suspect the latter; that it's a play to increase our fears in order to allow New Labour to tighten its authoritarian grip and/or it's a prelude to proposing a National Government. Both are totally unacceptable.

On last night's news round up with Jeremy Paxman they wheeled on the Fat Pie-Man himself, John Prescott, to rail against the greed of the bankers. He had nothing to say about the government's complicity in the economic mess that's been caused. Presumably New Labour hope that the appearance of the oaf will revitalise their old-fashioned working class support. They are desperate to re-re-invent themselves as the People's Party and the guardians of the working class. By conjuring up the phantoms of the right they can claim the ground to the centre and left.

New Labour are committed to one thing alone and that is staying in power. Nothing they do or say is for the benefit of the people of this country. If The Spawn can stand there talking about not rewarding failure (ie the bankers) then he should be the first to resign for colossal failure on his own part, followed by the whole government.

And, returning to the BBC and its bias I note that last night a piece about some bloody football manager being sacked took precedence over news of a poll that revealed the Afghans want foreign troops off their soil - considering our troops are being killed and maimed in Afghanistan I would have thought this was of slightly more importance.

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