Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Delusional Hopelessness and Criminal Ignorance

In a piece about Royal Mail over on the Site of Hopelessness known as Labourhome, I was interested to read this:
DHL for example use desperate people on the unemployed register coerced in to becoming self employed by the Jobcentre. DHL are paying them 60p per package for delivery in a 15 mile radius of their own home. This result is slave labour and an inferior service. The poor exploited fools are expected to use their own vehicles and petrol of course.
This presumably explains why I'd seen a number of men in PO uniforms delivering mail from their own cars about three weeks ago (I checked it - it was Jan 24).

John Frost, author of the article, continues:
Why on earth would Broon and Mandy promote this type of practice?
Well, John, the answer is: it's the EU (for the umpteenth bloody time).

Does anybody in the British political system and media know what the fuck is actually going on? Or are they all in a state of psychotic denial?

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