Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Company

Lord Elvis at 10 Drowning Street accuses the BBC of fabricating nonsense news stories with itself at the centre to avoid real news. I wouldn't disagree. The amount of garbage presented on primetime BBC news is ridiculous - non-stories about celebrities, actors, footballers, and local or foreign news items bigged up as something important. How lucky for them a bit of snow has fallen in the last couple of days.

I have not heard one mention on the main news about the Coroners and Justice Bill, the Data Retention Bill or any of the slew of legislation enacted by the government to destroy our liberties. Nothing about ContactPoint, nothing about the amendments to the Terrorism Bill to allow police to harass photographers, and certainly nothing about the EU (except when it becomes absolutely unavoidable).

I suppose they can get away with it to some extent by claiming that they feature some of this information on their website. An item such as that about Hamas seizing UN aid, for instance. No mention of that on the 6 0'clock news, just as there was no mention of Hamas breaking the recent ceasefire by blowing up an Israeli landrover, etc.

The BBC also makes sure its reporters and presenters mention the word 'recession' as infrequently as possible and use 'downturn', 'credit crunch' or other euphemisms instead. The snap above highlights the 'global' and US element as a means to distract from the fact that the UK is badly hit by the recession and is as much to blame for its own problems as anybody else (that keeps it in line with Brownian thinking).

And yet there goes The Spawn of the Manse himself succumbing to the Freudian slippage and saying the word 'depression' in parliament. Depression is the right word to describe the condition of having to live in the bankrupt, authoritarian shithole this country has become under him and his collaborators over the last 11 years.


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Spot on. Neither has there been news about the UN coming clean about the school in Gaza; apparently it wasn't hit after all.