Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Westminster Conspiracy

THE WESTMINSTER CONSPIRACY An under-reported speech by Greg Dyke, attacking the political class for their stranglehold on democracy.
Last month, Greg Dyke, who was the BBC's director general from 2000-2004, described the BBC as part of a "conspiracy" preventing the "radical changes" needed to UK democracy. Speaking at the Liberal Democrat party's conference, Dyke said:

"The evidence that our democracy is failing is overwhelming and yet those with the biggest interest in sustaining the current system - the Westminster village, the media and particularly the political parties, including this one - are the groups most in denial about what is really happening to our democracy."
Repeated nonsense from the politicos about cleaning up politics and improving the system are smoke-screens to cover up their intentions to do nothing so that they remain in power.

As I have repeatedly said, the problem is not so much the system as the people in it. Even if you have the best system in the world it'll be rubbish if the people within it are a bunch of self-serving shits.

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