Wednesday, 7 October 2009

EU Regional Cockwaffle

Just in case anyone's interested in seeing what the EU gets up to with our cash, ie endless committees, talking shops and smoke-screens to cover up the centralisation of government in Brussels.

So here's a link to The Committee of the Regions, whose purpose is quite clearly stated at the beginning of their Mission Statment:
We are a political assembly of holders of a regional or local electoral mandate serving the cause of European integration. Through our political legitimacy, we provide institutional representation for all the European Union's territorial areas, regions, cities and municipalities.
NB European integration, the EU's territorial areas, etc.

More follows:
We want to see Europe, united in diversity in a globalised world, make the very most of its territorial, cultural and linguistic diversity, as this is the source of its strength and guarantee of its people's identity. We play our part in promoting European democracy and citizenship and their values, and contribute towards the anchoring of fundamental rights and the protection of minorities.
This is typical egregious EU cockwaffle.

This deceitful piece of political spin omits the unpleasant but vital fact that Europe's diversity is national, rather than regional. There is no such thing as a European identity.

Noteworthy that the word nation does not feature once.

After poking around on the site I clicked on 'Useful regional Links' to check out who's riding the government gravy train in my neck of the woods. These days it happens to be Phil Hope, who's now Regional Minister for the East Midlands.

Most people living in the East Midlands area probably don't think it's more than a notional thing, let alone that there's a government department for it. Indeed, most people who live in Lincoln will probably have been unaware that their sitting MP, Gillian Merron, was Regional Minister for ten years.

This is just another scheme for implementing EU policy, destroying the traditional structure of local government in the UK. It won't be long before district and county councils will have disappeared. I've never heard anyone identify themselves as coming from 'the East Midlands' or any other region, for that matter.

All of this is pushed forward under the innocuous-sounding cockwaffle of which Phil is a practitioner:
"I am delighted to have been appointed Minister of the East Midlands. As Regional Minister I hope to provide you as a region with a strong voice to champion your needs and interests in Parliament and across Whitehall.

"The East Midlands is a region with much to offer and a region that I am proud to represent. Apart from being home to some of the UK's best known businesses, we can also boast some of the most innovative scientists and most creative artists. Our towns and cities have many individual strengths and wonderful qualities, and together as a region we are in a unique and powerful position to continue to prosper and face the challenges that lie ahead

"As your Regional Minister, an important part of my role is to facilitate a joined up approach across government departments and agencies to enable the effective delivery of our single regional strategy and achieve the best for the East Midlands. Through partnership working we can make sure that we are in a strong position to face the social, economic and environmental challenges that lie ahead, and continue to stay competitive. I am ambitious for what we can achieve together.

"I hope you find this site useful. Over the coming months I will continue to use it as a way to keep you in touch with my work as your Regional Minister."
Hand me a revolver.

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