Monday, 5 October 2009

Bastards To The Left, Bastards To The Right

Don't trust the Tories | Henry Porter | Comment is free |

Henry Porter makes a sensible point. After all, these people are all absolute shits.

I was particularly cheered by the fact that he also names people off-piste, as it were, such as Matthew Taylor, CEO of the Royal Society of Arts:
But any pleasure one feels at the party and leader's discomfort is tempered by a strong suspicion that the Conservatives will follow more or less the same path. The Sun's defection was proceeded by the smarter parasites from think-tanks like Demos, which is lifting its skirt in an indecent way at the Tory conference next week, and by people like Matthew Taylor, formerly of Blair's No 10 and now the RSA and the sinister Julian le Grand of the London School of Economics, also formerly of No 10, who of course suggested that the state should forcibly marry pregnant teenagers.

These characters long ago sensed the flow of power from one party to the other and have hopped like so many fleas on to the new host. The fact that someone like Le Grand is granted any kind of hearing at all the Conservative conference, even though a fringe event, is a rather bad sign.
Reading Matthew Taylor's blog posts recently had led me to the same conclusion.

None of these people is to be trusted. They all trim their sails to the winds of power. Older voices may call them Vicars of Bray. I wouldn't be so polite.

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