Sunday, 25 October 2009

Too Many Bastard EU Presidents

On “the President of Europe” | Nosemonkey’s EUtopia

Nosemonkey correctly points out a few facts about the so-called new 'President of the EU' post, to be created by the Lisbon Constitution (sorry, Treaty).

All of which is pretty fucking pointless, considering we, ie the people, don't need a President of the Council, any more than we need a President of anything else in the EU, or the EU itself. Not that we get to vote for any of these bastards anyway.

He even admits: 'In other words, it really doesn’t matter who gets the gig. It’s not important in the slightest. It’s a meaningless position.' In which case he might wonder why this expensive con trick is going ahead in the first fucking place and why he generally supports the shysters who are running the whole show.

Nor does he seem to willing to acknowledge that the Lisbon 'Treaty' is nothing at all to do with solving 'problems' but is a deceitful attempt to turn the EU into a superstate with its own constitution, armed services, diplomatic service, etc.

The Lisbon Constitution will be implemented. I don't know how long it will be before those people who are not directly benefiting from the EU machine will have to admit that something they have supported and believed in is and always was a corrupt, undemocratic, mendacious and destructive project run by a corrupt and arrogant political class who care for nothing more than their own ambitions.

I think for many EU supporters it must be a case of increasing cognitive dissonance. Surely it must get tiring continually having to defend the EU with that 'Yes, but...' routine.

How long before the fucking euro drops?

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Nosemonkey said...

I don't "acknowledge" that Lisbon is setting out to create a superstate simply because, well, it's not. I've read the thing (cross-referencing to the other treaties, as and when necessary), and read enough about it from people who know far more about international law than I do to be 100% confident in stating that Lisbon will not create a superstate.

A roundup of a lengthy series of posts I did on the concept and likelihood of an EU superstate idea can be found here: (the comments to all those posts are worth reading too...)