Friday, 30 October 2009

Labour's Fake Democracy Youth Propaganda Wing

On the tv this morning delightful scenes of young people at the Houses of Parliament to learn about our democracy.

All arranged by a charity called UK Youth Parliament, aka Democracy for Young People Limited, Charity no 1084716.

A quick look at the accounts to see who's funding this project reveals what's going on:

Principal Funding Sources

The Department for Children, Schools & Families (DCSF) which succeeded the Department for Education & Skills (DfES) from 29 June 2007, provided Core Grant funding to the charity. In 2007/08 this consisted of £152,000. This funding supports the central team and some core work in the regions. In addition, DCSF gave an additional £40,000 for participation work. All of this latter funding went towards work in the regions with young people. The combined total of these grants was £192,000 which equalled that given in the previous year. Funding from the Department for the second year of the successful Strategic Fund bid continued bringing in £136,000 and it also made smaller grants for specific activities including £20,000 for work with Young Muslims.

Additionally UKYP received funding from other Government Departments for a number of events and projects. These included The Ministry of Justice Innovations Fund (£14,700), the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) which funded Climate Change events with nearly £30,000, and the Department of Transport which funded activities around Road safety (£4,951). The Metropolitan Police Authority continued with its funding for activities to tackle knife and gun crime (£7,000 received in 2007) and the Children's Workforce Development Council funded work in London Region with youth workers, but the largest single amount of funding -£219,440 - came through "v", the independent charity championing youth volunteering in England for a series of events to develop active citizenship and volunteering amongst young people across England.

UK Youth Parliament's long standing partnership with BT continued with activities detailed elsewhere in this report. £75,000 sponsorship was received in the year, £50,000 of which is included in sponsorship - Circles of Influence. A new Corporate sponsorship arrangement was agreed with the MWH Engineering Group linked to a donation of £30,000 and further support for specific activities including Climate Change.
Readers may recognise the fake charity "v", described here as "the independent charity championing youth volunteering in England", but which is just another government propaganda outfit.

All rather nauseating when you know that no government in living history has done so much to destroy, bypass and reduce the democratic procedures of Parliament and has futhermore signed away our independence and sovereignty to the European Union without even the decency to give us a vote on the matter.

They won't be telling those kids about that, will they?

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