Saturday, 3 October 2009

Brown Hails Irish EU Yes Vote

"I welcome the decision of the Irish people on the Lisbon Treaty," said Brown.

"The treaty is good for the UK and good for Europe. We can now work together to focus on the issues that matter most to Europeans -- a sustained economic recovery, security, tackling global poverty, and action on climate change."
What a cunt!

He didn't give us the chance to vote on it; turned up late for the ratification to avoid the publicity; now has the gall to go on about how good it is for us all.

May he drown in his own shit.


Anonymous said...

I despair... the whole MSM and Blogosphere seem to have fallen for the oldest trick in the book... i.e. get everyone to block Blair becoming EU President... rather than debate the NEED for a President in the first place.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Yes, I agree with Harry - the whole Blair thing is a sideshow and a distraction.