Saturday, 10 October 2009

Guardian Taxpayers' Bombshell Alliance Bilge

The Guardian today makes the astonishing discovery that a pressure group devoted to tax-reductions is actually a bit right of centre and supported by rich people! I'd never have thought that. I'm glad they let us know.

Apparently the Taxpayers' Alliance, as it's cleverly called, is 'arguably the most influential pressure group in the country', which is pretty frightening, especially as we know there are absolutely no pressure groups or lobby groups supported by the current government to influence its own policies.

Mind you, the Guardian's acute and perspicacious reporter also notes that the Fabian Society, who oppose what the Taxpayers' alliance are proposing, are 'left-leaning', so we can be happy the Guardian has its best minds on the case.

It's also truly disturbing to find out that one director was appointed to the TPA, 'despite living in France and not paying any British tax.' I do hope the French authorities are onto him, making sure he coughs up whatever he owes them under their already very lenient tax regime. And we have to question whether someone living in a foreign country should be seeking to influence how we run things at home.

We can be sure that democracy is assured in the UK with papers like the Guardian looking out for us, keeping us informed about secretive, authoritarian groups trying to take control of our lives.

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