Thursday, 1 October 2009

Broken Politics, Whores And Maggots

Re: the Campaign for an English parliament and The Last Redoubt. Campaigning for a separate English parliament does indeed mean accepting the ultimate break up of the Union, as planned in the EU's 'Europe of Regions' agenda (though no doubt France and Germany will remain unified pretty much as they are, since they run the show).

It seems likely the Irish will vote yes to the Lisbon Constitution, but even if they don't the EU will go ahead with it, as I pointed out just the other day.

Cameron and his supporters won't do anything about Lisbon. We won't get a referendum. Even if we did and voted no, nothing would happen.

And now we have lobby groups like 2010, ('Countdown to a new politics') and their possible link with Common Purpose. The main problem, however, is that it is driven by the same fashionable impulse that drives all 'progressives' - ie, a belief that the only answer to the political situation is 'reform' of one sort or another. Institutional reform is not the answer; it wouldn't change anything.

What's wrong is the people who are in politics. They're corrupt, self-serving, sneaky, arrogant, ignorant, smug, unimaginative, interfering, lying, thieving, bullying, hypocritical little dictators. By and large they have little experience outside of politics. They don't know or care about the lives of others. Politics as a means of personal aggrandizement is all that matters to them.

Whatever party they belong to they all share similar views on how society should operate; any differences between them are matters of style rather than substance. They all share a supreme sense of entitlement, that they know best, irrespective of what the people actually want; and that since they know best, then they should be have the power to impose their ideas and 'values' on the whole of society. Hence we have the pathetic and insulting spectacle of Brown, a dead politician, trying to rally the purulent corpse of his government and party for a 'fight' at the next election. What's the point? Why can't we have that election now and get the execution over with? Well, because Gordon Brown can't let go of power: he's wanted this so long he'll hang on till either we (or his party) have to chop his stubby fingers off at the knuckles. And Cameron will no longer call for an early election because he wants Ireland and the Lisbon Treaty stitched up and out of the way so that he can get get on with running the UK as his own little province under the EU dictatorship.

So it doesn't matter what changes are made to the system: if the same scum are in positions of power nothing will improve. And things are only going to get worse. At the next election all those MPs leaving because they lost face over the expenses debacle will be replaced by young versions of themselves - eager little busybodies with the same sense of self-entitlement and the same lack of social experience; the same lack of imagination invigorated by a firm belief in whatever is the grand theory of the day.

It's not Britain that's broken; it's not even our system; it's our politicians. The whole British and European political class is corrupt. If you want to see that ethical poverty at an EU level all you have to do is consider the prospect of Tony Blair as President. It's like watching a bunch of preening whores deciding which one of them should be the next Madame in their brothel.

These people are our enemies. They're the enemies of our nation, our culture, our history, our dignity, our livelihoods, our liberties and our future. Blair, Mandelson, Brown, Cameron, Clegg: they're all maggots in the corpse of democracy.


Anonymous said...

Well said that man... men???

and thanks for the link.


Chief of the Inner Station said...

Thank you. Don't you get the feeling there's going to so much shit hitting the fan that it'll stop working?

Anonymous said...

Definitely... I should know... especially as a bucket load of shit has come my way just recently.

tally said...

The enemy within now sits in parliament. unless there are major demonstrations by the public, we are all sunk.