Monday, 12 October 2009

Cold, Dark Days Ahead For UK

Power cuts forecast to hit UK in four years - Times Online
Britain faces a return to 1970s-style power blackouts and disruption to its electricity supplies within four years, the energy regulator warned yesterday.

Ofgem raised the spectre of a return to the three-day week for British industry as the country scrambles to renovate its crumbling power infrastructure ahead of new EU pollution rules that will force the closure of a quarter of UK power stations by 2015.

Alistair Buchanan, Ofgem’s chief executive, said: “There could be a potential shortfall in the period 2013-18 ... Life might be pretty cold.”
And this is no surprise:
"Mr Buchanan said that a failure to tackle the issue had left Britain more vulnerable to energy supply shocks than any other major country in Europe. Germany and France, he said, were “way ahead of us” in terms of investing in new, lower-carbon power supplies".
I bet France and Germany were prime movers in driving the EU's energy policy which is screwing the UK.

We occasionally get sudden, short outages and recently had a five-hour blackout when engineers were apparently 'fixing fuses' at a sub-station.

Still, if we're suffering power cuts it'll be more difficult for the EU to requisition our energy reserves 'in solidarity' with other EU states when the Ruskies cut them off.

How is it that we've ended up being governed by complete cretins?

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