Sunday, 25 October 2009

Labour's Hoof Tax - Governed By Cretins

Labour's 'hoof tax' is riding roughshod over the countryside - Telegraph
Just when horse owners thought they had been squeezed until their pips could no longer squeak, another nasty Labour stealth tax rears its head. After forcing us to buy horse passports and to have our mounts injected with microchips, you might have thought even this government would ease up on equine folk.

Far from it. Every horse and pony in the country will now be liable for something that can only be described as a hoof tax. Under the proposals, millions of riders, trainers and breeders will be forced to pay at least £10.50 a year, and possibly a lot more, for every horse they own. Labour claim the levy, which would generate more than £6.8 million per year, will help fund a £56-million animal-health quango to improve the way outbreaks of disease are handled in the countryside. Because what we really need right now is another quango, right?
Copy of a relevant DEFRA document on Scribd.

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