Thursday, 21 May 2009

Wrong Green Gurkha Bloggers In British Line Jobs

Gurkhas win the right to stay in UK. Where's the catch?

Keeping an eye on Matthew: Matthew Taylor is keen to organise political bloggers; he wants them to form a club with rules:
This goes towards strengthening the idea of the blogosphere as a place where people engage with other points of view and where writers develop their skills of argumentation and communication
There it is again, that automatic impulse to take control, to impose a vision, rather than allow people to exercise their own desires and get on with things.

British jobs for British workers: it just won't go away. Wildcat strikes were eventually called of at a number of British oil refineries after disputes over the employment of foreign workers.

The wrong green? A driver was arrested because police thought his MOT was the wrong type of green. No doubt they'll keep his fingerprints and photograph even though he is totally innocent of any crime.

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