Friday, 29 May 2009

Sarkozy Insertion Obama Fundament D-Day Queen

French President Sarkozy Just Before Insertion Into The Fundament Of Obama

The French, who are organising the 65th anniversary celebrations of the D-Day landings in Normandy, have 'omitted' to invite the Queen. After a little hooha they changed their minds and said Her Majesty is 'welcome'. Gordon The Spawn Brown, of course, has been invited and will be there with utmost alacrity, grinning his febrile psychotic grin and gurning for all he's worth before his final defenestration.


Because he'll get to be photographed with Obama, who is the real centre of attention of this event. President Sarkozy will be giving the Americans a right royal brown-nosing, in other words.

Mind you, Sarkozy is such a diminutive little shit he'd fit right quite comfortably up Obama's arse without anyone realising he was there.

Links are here, The Mail, and here, Royal Watch.

All courtesy of A Very British Dude, whose splenetic diatribe outdoes anything I could manage at this time of day.

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