Wednesday, 27 May 2009

UK Climbs EU Hate and Police State Rankings

HT Old Holborn: Britain Comes 5th in International Police State Tables or something like that. Must do better.

PJC Journal has a go at Cameron's speech yesterday.

Ranting Stan does the same re: the EU, the expanding elephant in the room.

The Taxpayers' Alliance comes up with some entertaining results from a poll on the EU:
People are so annoyed by EU rules that 69% want the British Government to start breaking them and disobeying Brussels. Only 28% of people believe Britain should obey EU rules. A majority of Conservatives (78%), Labour supporters (65%), Liberal Democrats (59%) and Others (70%) support disobedience. The policy has overwhelming support across every social class and region of the UK.
And more. How soon before people start defacing EU emblems and flags, etc?

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