Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Spawn EU Guff In FT

Gordon Brown, apparently in an effort to switch attention away from expenses to the upcoming EU elections, pens an article for the FT - in which he says...absolutely nothing:
For me, the EU is not just a formal alliance: it is a daily commitment to work together on a range of economic, environmental and security issues. We know that without the action we are taking in the UK, 500,000 British jobs would go. But we also know that we cannot do it alone, because 60 per cent of all of our exports go to Europe. Some 700,000 companies trade with Europe and more than 3m jobs depend upon it.

So we face a choice: to embrace our membership of the EU knowing that committed partnership is the only way to achieve our common aims and protect British jobs, or to accept the Conservative opposition’s approach to British membership, which would threaten many British jobs.
This goon still hasn't learned his lesson about talking about 'British jobs'. All he can do is churn out meaningless data (500,000 jobs - what bloody jobs? what's this got to do with the EU?), non-sequiturs, half-truths and lies. Still, he won't be reaching many of the electorate via the FT, will he?

The man is a disgrace.

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